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“Yes,Palace Lord,I will help Yoo Sang well。”In fact, Xuelong is also quite a treasure of Liu Xiang。

But he knows better,I am just a guest,The degree of intimacy is far worse than Liu Xiang。The treasure gift he got is naturally impossible to compare with Liu Xiang。
“Nian An,You are the number one expert in the real celestial stage of Zhongshan Mansion,You have to leave many things that Liu Xiang is not suitable for。”
“prior to,I have given you the right magic weapon,I heard that what you are enlightened now is the water in heaven。”Li Ming’s right hand lightly,Pour a heart into the sea of knowledge of Su Nian’an,In his sea of knowledge, he developed a complete movement of water and heaven。
This trick,It’s only after Li Ming has stepped into the Fifth Realm.,It can leave a mental energy with a complete heavenly mood in the sea of knowledge for weak practitioners。
Su Nian’an can take a good look,It can also be used as a means of explosion when necessary。
“Practice this set of moves,I hope you can also enter the Taoist level soon。”
“Zhongshan Mansion will be handed over to you,Of course, if you really want to encounter something that is life and death, you can also notify me。”Three tokens left,But the implication right now is that there is nothing really important,Don’t disturb him。
In the eyes of the two true gods and their disciples,Li Ming tore away the space and left Zhongshan World。
Chapter Twenty Eight Preparation for long-term practice(under)
Three Realms,The chaotic gap between the world and the world。
of course,In terms of area, these gaps are far beyond three thousand worlds,Not to mention heaven and earth。
Unexpected,The appearance of Li Ming’s second soul