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“Four brothers,Six brother,Someone sold the seven brothers,I saw him himself.,Now he only has half a life.,If you want to save him, it is impossible.,In the well, Junxiu is a cloth, and the sky is to use the seven brothers to catch you.。”Rui sharply,

“We think of this,But there is important information on old seven we must get!”Zheng Yao said anxiously。
“His still have important intelligence?”
“Correct,Is our internal,The boss makes him responsible for a lurking group,Twenty-six people in this group,They are all in all walks of life under the arrangement of the old seven.,At present, only the old seven know that these people are there.,If the old seven sacrifices,These people may be lost.!”
“Don’t you know the boss??”
“The young seven has not yet come and report it by them.!”
“The meaning of the six brothers is to let me get the list.?”
“Do not,You can’t take risks,We still want to give way to save people,If people really can’t save us, we want to think other ways.。”Zheng Yao said first,
“Small nine,Do people really save??”Xu Baichuan asked,
“Four brothers,Don’t look at the well, just a Japanese building,But only a few hundred meters away from the gendarmerie,The basics of Jun Xiu, in the well, is the master of action.,I know that Qi brother is very important to us.,So he is not to save people.。”
“Small nine,Next, you still touched the situation in the seventh and in the Well.,Plan view,Number,What is the location of the seven? These we must know。”Zheng Yao said first,
NS139chapter How to save this person
Rui Rui saw the attitude of Zheng Yao and Xu Baichuan that they came this time to save people.,But Qi Yan knows this is unlikely.,Because whether it is a ferrier or a well-in well, you are looking forward to them to save people.。
“Four brothers,Six brother,Don’t worry about you first,I have something to say to you.。”
“Double child plan??”
Rui Rui puts the plan with Zheng Yaoxian and Xu Baichuan,Then said:“Four brothers,Six brother,How do you plan to do?”
“Since he is not to do this,Then, according to what they mean.,Qiao Yu, we are always monitored now.,And I have found that there is a suspicious person to contact him.,For other double sons, we have never moved him.,It seems that it is right.,The greedy little devil still wants Zheng Guoan and Xu Hongwei to our eyelids.,Then it will be sent.!We will only stare at them like Qiao Yu.,I have been waiting until they completely expose the flaws.。”Zheng Yao said first,
“Six brother,But Mountain Yurui wants Zheng Guoan to return to the servant。”Ritual,
“This is impossible,Top how to let him go to our head under our eyelids,This is also very reasonable,Because we can’t doubt them and review their。”Zheng Yao said first,
Xu Baichuan said:“Small nine,This doesn’t have to tell Mountain Yugui in advance.,Two abandoned bars are left to them, they are time bombs.,Because they will be China Tong Spy, which is a headache, in addition to the Gemini plan.,But the little devil seems to have not intended to use them else.。”
“Then how do I have a well reply with Shan Yan?,I can’t say that you have come to Shanghai.。”
“Small nine,I will send Zhao Ji to join you.,You just need to let the devils don’t move him.,At that time, you will get the secret code that we contact us.,This way you can use the radio to contact me.,Double child plan can also be done。”Zheng Yao said first,
“The six brother means to let the devil’s special agent to see Zhao Ji gave me a debt.?”Qi Rui,
“Otherwise let who send?I don’t want to let more people know your existence.。”Zheng Yao said first,
“But he will not expose it.?”
“It’s ok,Let him send the secret code will leave Shanghai for the first time.,He will not come to Shanghai later.,In order to catch us, the devil will not give him.。”
“Have you grip??”
“do not worry,We have a way to let him leave。”
“That’s good。”
Quru and Zheng Yao also also talk about Xu Baichuan,At this time they have no mood.,Back to the pharmacy Qi Rui uses the contact of the well-being to send out the contact of the communication society。
“Ritual,Our pharmacies have special affairs。”Fu Yingxue reminded,
“Um,I saw it when I came.,It should be in the Well Manuscript。”Several specials have not hide,All are in a very obvious place,In the well, Junxiu is to let him know him to help himself.。
“Are they monitoring us??”Fu Ying Xue asked,
“Half is,Half is the advanced agents that grasp the intestinery in advance。”
“Who are they caught??”
“Zheng Yao first。”