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Xia Jian’s head gets bigger,This Gao Deju is more domineering than her daughter Lu Wan,I have to force people to chat with her,This family is all amazing。

Xia Jianzheng hesitated,When I don’t know what to do。I only heard noise on the stairs,Soon,Lu Wanting swayed down the stairs。
She glanced and said:“Why haven’t you left?Did this old lady bully you again??”
“No!The lock on this door is a bit advanced,I can not open”Xia Jian hurriedly changed the topic,He is afraid to tell the truth,The two mother and daughter fight each other,He still can’t go。
Lu Wanting glanced at her mother and said:“Yo!So sexy!Not sleeping at night,What are you doing?Is it wrong”This woman seems to be drunk,It’s the same way when talking to her mother。
“Look at you,I’m so embarrassed to talk to me here。Be honest,Is this kid giving you tonight…”Gao Deju still wants to go on。
I saw Lu Wanting staring and roaring:“To shut up!Can you be more serious,It’s like this after drinking,It’s the same without drinking,How do you make my dad like you?”
“You fuck me,And the old guy,What’s wrong?Are there few men around me??”This woman is a little crazy,I can say this to my daughter。
Xia Jian on the side saw it,Really embarrassed him,I can’t get out of the door,Stay here, where did the mother and daughter start the tongue war,It looks like it might be upgraded。
This can turn Xia Jianwei around in difficulty。Okay,Just at this time,The door of the living room opened with a beep,A man about fifty years old came in。
This person Xia Jian met,He is Lu Wanting’s father, Lu Changfei。
Lu Changfei glanced at the status quo in the living room,Went upstairs without saying a word。Xia Jian originally wanted to say hello to him,But this person has eyes on his head,I didn’t even look at him。
But what makes Xia Jian happy,There is a gap in the living room door,Not locked。He dashed forward,Opened the door,Then turned around and shouted to Lu Wanting:“go to bed early!Goodbye”When the last word falls,Others are in the yard。
The door lock is ordinary,Xia Jian opened it up casually,When he came out,It feels like escaping from the magic cave。He never expected,Lu Wanting looks superficial,Living in such an environment。