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“in fact‘Lord of Seven Flames’Before entering the gods,right?He comes from the fairy world,Because God doesn’t have a reincarnation,‘Lord of Seven Flames’The process of becoming a god of war is always blank,Did you erase it deliberately?”

Li Tianzhen’s shouts echoed in the deep blue space,He can no longer see the golden light,This big space shocked him,But also extremely depressed,The question just now has been held in my heart for a long time,If it weren’t for the flaws revealed when Yuwen asked for an explanation,He is just weird,Still far from rising to the point of suspicion。
But the ambivalence of divinity towards Li Tianzhen finally aroused his suspicion,The kind that want to exclude,It’s easy to make people crazy if you can’t reject it,Especially the use of Tiangong Yin is basically exposed,So last resort,But I have to toss me as a mortal,I have to make people understand why?
“The past is not as simple as you think,Go find the Godhead of God of War,after that,You will understand everything。”The divine voice suddenly came from a distance,Silk button,Like smoke like wind。
“To your uncle!”Li Tianzhen cursed fiercely,Gave up chasing。
When he returns to the sea of vitality,The scene has changed on the beach,The gods are standing still around the palace seal that day,All of them look like cockfighting,There are two shocking pits not far away,A faint brilliance flashed in a pit,And the other pit is bigger,Half of the tail of a yellow dragon appeared outside the pit,There doesn’t seem to be any movement,I don’t know if it’s dead or alive?
Li Tianzhen vaguely thought of something,So I got closer to the scene,Since the divine nature taught him to use the Tiangong seal,He seems to have some kind of feeling with this baby,Tiangong Seal suddenly released a faint brilliance,Rainbow after rain,Shocked the surrounding gods and stepped back together,So Li Tianzhen also quickly understood the cause and effect of the incident,Can’t help but almost laughed。
Before Li Tianzhen turned his head and left,Venerable Huo Xing holding the Heavenly Palace Seal is like getting a hot potato,Don’t know how to use it,Seeing all the brothers around him staring at him,I can only grit my teeth and be cruel,Learn the appearance of Li Tianzhen and throw the seal of the heavenly palace into the air,Chanting divine words,He carefully observed the mouth shape of the opponent,Should not be bad。
But unexpectedly,Nothing changed,Venerable Huo Xing is waiting to change a few notes and recite aside,Suddenly a figure soars into the sky like a big bird,I took away the Tiangong seal with my hand,I don’t want to land,Transformed into a Kunpeng,Flap your wings straight into the sky,Extremely fast,Obviously planned for a long time。
“Stop him!”Shouting,The fire phoenix rises first,Catch up like a rocket,Behind the gods and people turned into god birds and followed,Persevering Kunpeng is huge,Thousands of miles away with a flap of wings,It sank into the depths of the sky in a few clicks,The gods can’t catch up。
Even the severely injured Palmprint Venerable turned into a yellow dragon and participated in the chase,But helpless,The servant who ran away with the seal of the Heavenly Palace,Its body is a variant of Kunpeng,Known for speed,Suddenly,No one can catch up with it,The gods landed and cursed。
But the next moment,Everyone is dumbfounded,A bright spot suddenly appeared above the dark and deep sky,Highlights are rapidly zooming in,It’s the size of a bowl in an instant,It’s the Kunpeng who just ran away,The big wings of this servant are like broken,To fallVType diagonally above the body,The whole state seems to have passed out。
Kunpeng didn’t know how he was hit,But its chest is radiant,It is the seal of the Heavenly Palace that was snatched by him,There is this treasure,Everyone’s eyes are hot again,It’s a pity all kinds of vicious tricks、Loss is still sprouting in my mind,I heard a bang,Then the mountain shook,The deity that stands nearby, the shocked people turn their backs,Kunpeng’s body hit a big hole directly on the beach。