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But Li Ming stretched out his right hand,Bigger suddenly,Then gently pinch。

It’s like an ordinary mortal pinching a small milk cat,This huge grizzly bear was also directly pinched,After that, Li Ming poured in,Sealed this monster bear。
“Humanity,What are you going to do!”In the cave,There was a melodious voice。
“Nothing,I want to deal with Saito,But the number of real people in Vientiane is not enough,I hope you can conquer Lei Yuan’s big monsters。”
“Saito couldn’t deal with us back then!”
“Hateful human,You are looking for death。”
“ridiculous,You are just a human being in the realm of Vientiane,So big。”
“Don’t rush to say that!”Li Ming smiled:“As long as you are willing to help me,After defeating Saito,I can give you an area,As long as it doesn’t hurt humans,I don’t care how you rule,how is it?”
Silent for half a breath,Li Ming felt several breaths in the cave。
“Our Leiyuan Monster Race,I dare not be interested in fighting within your humans。Just put down three of them,Tiandao vowed not to reveal your method of entering Leiyuan Cave,We can let you go。”
This voice is old but condensed,With a breath of vitality。
Can see,Although there are two primordial spirits,But the Dongfu monster clan is also very jealous of Li Ming。
That claw captured the second-ranked Grizzly Demon in the Vientiane Demon Race,Although this is powerful, it is not too daunting—The two primordial spirit old demon can。
But that Daoyu directly suppressed the two Vientiane Great Monsters,But it proved that his realm is high,No old demon can match。