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Woman why eyes red?”

Xu Ruzhen felt that Li Hui said that this is quite rhyme.。
“Jealousy,姐, are you so beautiful, where is it is not all beautiful landscape??
If a man stands with you, it will immediately highlight the outstanding man.,But the woman is with you, it is it.,Or is eclipsed out。”
“Gill the man stands out with me.?”
“Hey-hey,Sister,You think,Are you such a good woman who is standing with a matter of prove??
That is the same as you are as good as you.,Don’t be as good as you like, you can stand by you.?”
Just when Li Hui Feng, I want to continue to praise.。
Li Cuihua is directly holding a pot shovel.。
“breeze,How did the scorpion have not found that this little mouth can say that it is?
How do you have a honey with your sister??
Is it seen that the scorpion is not as good as you??”
Looking at Li Cuihua’s looseTShirt,Even so that you can’t cover each other’s proud。
“Cuihua,You think too much,I want to talk more to you.,That was known by Qin Shu, I still have to have this mouth.?
But Xiaoya Jie, I can,Because Xiaoya Jie is also a very sexy dress today.。”
Originally, Qin Su Ya has been stealing a conversation with Li Hui Ru Ru Ru.,I heard Li Hui’s funny laughter,Her heart is also a bit lost。
But I heard that Li Hui Fengzhao praised her sexy.,The sloppy of the slightest in her heart immediately disappeared.。
Also have some sweet sweets,Ashamed。
She didn’t feel that I didn’t have a white feet today.,At the very least, Li will appreciate her.。
“Hey, let’s take a look at our little gay.,It is booming a sexy face that is praised by the small breeze.,Simply let your sister have the idea that you want to push you down.。”
“Cuihua sister,How” I haven’t finished it yet.,Li Cuihua took directly to Qin Su Ya’s hips。
Surprised Qin Suiya。
“Allown,Xiao Nizi is not thinking about himself.?”
Seeing Li Cuihua, this is getting bigger and bigger.,Li Hui Feng, although excited,But there is always a kind of feeling of speaking on the cliff.。
Xu Ruzhen listened to Li Cuihua,I can’t help but have some hearts in my heart.,I didn’t experience the feelings of the fish water.,She may not have any efforts at all.。
But since I followed Li Hui with the wind.,She finally know why women will make such a big voice in the event of any case.。
Because everything is simply can’t control,As if the soul is shaking happiness。
Qin Su Ya was taken here by Li Cuihua.,At the same time, I feel some shy.,Because her heart is really a bit, I want to experience the feeling with Li Hui Feng.。
“breeze,You tell the truth,Do you want to be a beautiful woman who wants to be a little elegant??”
Chapter 172, Xu Ruzhen
Li Cuihua suddenly asked a word,Let some cheerful scenes immediately。
Qin Su Ya is also trying to know an answer,After all, Li Pei Feng has been said so much.,But I have never been an outsider acknowledged her existence.。
And Xu Ruzhen also wants to know the feelings of the two。
She remembers that the Qing Dynasty, Li Hui, who is with Qin Su, to buy clothes.,Moreover, Li Hui Feng is also a general care for Qin Ya.,Even to encourage Qin Su Ya。
“Hey-hey,Cuihua Sister, isn’t you asked a sending issue??
Xiao Ya Sister like a beautiful woman, I am afraid it is a man who wants to,What’s more, I am still a man?,I definitely want more.,Before we had a lot of married men, they went to the wall.,This is also known to this.?”
I heard this answer of Li Hui Feng.,Qin Su Ya is very sweet,But I heard things that are hung in other men.,She feels very shy。