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He wants to see how Liu Sweet is decorated.。

The first thousand four hundred and sixty-two chapters
It has been in June now.,In a few months, it is the National Day of October.。
National Day is also the peak season of tourism,He is ready to market a wave of lotus villages now in these months.。
At that time, let Lianhua Village can reach his idea.。
Every household can make big money。
Come to the hotel door,Li Hui Feng discovered the royal emperor of the appearance of the appearance.。
Especially the stone lion out of the door,Actually renovated。
As for the parking lot,Parking is also planned。
This month,Willow sweet is basically staring for twenty-four hours.。
As for the renovation of the renovation,It is the skinny and other people。
The renovation technology of several people did not say。
Liu Xujian saw Li Hui Feng’s arrival,The eyes are not bright.。
At the same time, there is some observations in the eyes.。
After all, Li Hui Feng said that it will come back once a week.,As a result, this is a month.,I didn’t make a week from turning again.。
“Sweet sister,Did you finish the decoration??”
Li Hui Feng saw the willows running out,It seems that you have to jump out.,Let Li Hui also don’t dare to see more。
He is clearly knowing what is the scale。
“Humph,You know the decoration,I didn’t ask me not tired.。”
Willow sweet, felt, powder, Pu, Li。
Li Hui is gently grabbing the other party’s powder punch,Smile:“The sweet sister is tired.?
Have you sneeze??”
“Why do you want to sneeze??”
Liu Xujian is a bit wonder for Li Hui’s sudden problem.。
The first time I think that Li Hui Feng cares about her has a cold.。
“Because I heard that when I miss someone,That person will feel,sneeze。”
“I am in Huashan City, I want to think about the day.。”
Looking at Li Hui’s face, a serious and affectionate look,Willow sweet is also laughing:“annoying,Sister, I am coming over.,This set of。”
“Hey-hey,That evening, I came to my sister to use it.?”
“screw you,Not yet started again,Let me go in and see the decoration results.!”
“The renovation of every layer of the hotel is different.,The highest floor I am not ready to use the place to eat.,But used to go to the office.,Can also be used as a temporary accommodation。”
Li Anti-style is no objection for this decision of Liu Xujian.。
“Row,Sweet sister, just like it。”
“But this hotel will take a good name.?”
Although I have already discussed a lot of names,But you can change it before you don’t have decoration.。