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“How can you not fight,After all, if the team leader and supervisor are promoted,,Then it’s our turn。”

“Yes,So it must be confirmed first,Wait till the end here,We can start anytime。”
“Of course,so now,Why do we all say so much,Everyone prepare,Just refuel。”
When these people,I didn’t forget to say before my eyes。
Even these people,The more I speak, the more excited I feel。
Just see these,at this time,For Ye Xuan,Actually these problems,It can be completely dealt with。
slowly,See here。
Ye Xuan at this time,I didn’t feel at all,What’s the problem with this look。
“All right,Actually now,These things,There is nothing to consider。”
“But then,Everyone try hard!”
Ye Xuan thought,How should we spend money??
No money,There is no way to become stronger。
at this point,In fact,Or let Ye Xuan’s heart,The more I think, the more I feel,These things are a little helpless。