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“Tian Lu!”A long-lost voice sounded warmly from behind her。

Tian Lu turned around“How did you come,Mazata~?”
“She is concentrating on eating noodles,”Ye Xingkong sat in front of her,“Uh,I hope the things that happened in the past two days will not affect your mood,You are fine。”
Tian Lu looked down at her raised feet,Chuckle“It’s in the past,No one wants horrible things to happen,As for the ins and outs,You will slowly tell me later, right?”
“of course,Hope you won’t be scared。”Ye Xingkong said。
“I was really scared,But when I thought you would come to save me,I’m not afraid of anything。”Tian Lu smiled brightly,“The whole morning,I’m watching a TV show,Like the protagonist,In the play,Dreamlike。”
Ye Xingkong looked at her,Moving“I hope it won’t happen again,You all will be safe。”
“Damn,I didn’t go to work today,Did not ask for leave,I have to rush to work,It’s afternoon,There are still two hours until the end of the afternoon,I have to rush to the cake shop。”Tian Luyou stand up,Ye Xingkong was taken aback by surprise。
Looking stupidly at Tian Lu’s pretty appearance。
“Ok,I have to go to work,Here Maza,I’ll take care of you,I’ll bring her delicious food when I come back。”Tian Lu tilted her head and said innocently。
“I’ll send you。”Ye Xingkong got up,Said。
“no need,Maza just arrived,Unfamiliar,I’ll leave it to you,I took the bus quite fast,Ok,Then say so。”Tian Lu entered the house and put the backpack on her back,Stepping farewell out of the house。
Tian Lu rushed to the cake shop,The gossip Wang Kan told,Lin Xin from the headquarters came to inspect。
“is it?”Tian Lu was a little surprised,But luckily rushed to work,Not let,The time to go with the boss is almost missed。
“I wonder if Lin always has any new explanations?”Wang Kan didn’t see President Lin,I only heard that Mr. Lin is here,Deliberately inquired about the purpose of this trip。
“Probably nothing to explain。”Tian Lu asked,“Has President Lin gone??”
Wang Kandao“Probably didn’t leave,Still on the first floor。”
I learned that Lin Xin stayed longer in larger chain stores,I can’t live without it for a while。
She glanced back at the secretarial and propaganda room,Except Wang Kan,The others went downstairs to accompany the inspection。So to Wang Kandao“You stay here first,I gonna go see。”