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“Teacher Cao Wen,There is a student in our class,Recently awakened dual attribute mutation,Are you interested in seeing it?”Wu Yi also said quickly。

“Dual attributes?That really needs to be seen。”Cao Wen replied with a smile。
Wu Yi beckoned,Tao:“He Qinglong,Dequeue!Show off your skill!”
From the freshmen of Class 11,Out of a big black face,This young man has a big waist,Full face,It looks like there are more than thirty,It’s not like a freshman who just graduated from high school。
Roar!While the black-faced big man He Qinglong shouted out,Stom the foot hard,The force under your feet penetrates the ground,Shook the mud on the playground,It’s like a road roller。
Cao Wen was slightly startled,Nodded,Smiled:“Not bad!Understand that sound waves can deter opponents,Not a pure force mutation。Have a certain practical ability,Worth training。”
I heard the comment from Teacher Cao Wen,Wu Yi was overjoyed,Stepped forward and patted He Qinglong on the shoulder,Recognition。
Can be recognized by Teacher Cao,Explain that He Qinglong does have real skills,Such students have great potential,Cultivated,Can compete for more honors for the class。
Lu Tiannan is envious again,Jealous again,Although there are six intermediate mutant students in my class,,But no one is as brilliant as He Qinglong,Was picked up by Wu Yi,It’s a pity。
“The quality of this year’s freshmen is very good,Teacher Lu has six middle-level students in his class,Add this student in Teacher Wu’s class,Has surpassed the previous one in the number of intermediate。”Teacher Cao Wen smiled。
Hearing this sentence is more polite than substantive compliment,Lu Tiannan felt a little more balanced,Smiled:“We just started,Don’t dare to compare with Teacher Cao’s students。”
“Yes!Soldiers are better than more,What’s the use of quantity alone。Teacher Cao has any intermediate in class,Can beat our class。”Teacher Wu Yi also said with a smile。
Cao Wen doesn’t seem to like mutual pursuit among colleagues,When two male colleagues were talking,She has walked towards the middle of the playground,I saw the 16th class in training。
“Which class is this student?They are training physical?Still practiced so hard?”Cao Wen knew at a glance,The students in Class 16 practiced too hard,Training at this intensity,Even if you are a sophomore student,Only the top batch has this level。
Teacher Wu Yi hurried forward,Casually smiled:“This is from the 16th freshman class,Their head teacher is a practitioner,Take them to practice!”