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With this beautiful policewoman in handiObserve,Just die together,Shen Congxin thinks that his goal has been achieved!

“Take a shot,You all take a more shot,Don’t let people like me be fooled by these unscrupulous merchants!Really!People like us,It’s really not easy to save some money to buy a house!”
Shen Congxin greeted the cameramen around,Even though I can’t see them clearly now,But Shen Congxin still wants to smoke,Greet everyone politely,Take a lot of inferior products around。
“Sorry beauty!Originally this had nothing to do with you,But in order to reveal the truth, there is always sacrifice,After you die,Your colleagues will be proud of you,This society will remember,And save a lot of people,Not be deceived by these unscrupulous merchants,We all belong together is meaningful!”
Shen Congxin whispered in Han Yuxiang’s ear。
“You do,Have you missed your family??”
I finally have a chance to say a word to Shen Congxin,While he is not on guard,Han Yuxiang controlled his tone and said。
Not too loud,Fear of stimulating Shen Cong’s new calm emotions。
“family?You think I was cheated so badly by these unscrupulous merchants,Do i still have family?Isn’t it miserable enough that I pit them??I’ll be dead when I die!”
Shen Congxin sighed,I seem to know what Han Yuxiang will say to myself next,Not waiting for Korean to speak,Shen Congxin himself said first:“Don’t tell me there are other ways,Don’t tell me there are you,I used to have hope for you law enforcers,I also hope you can give me a fair,Make the decision for me,But in the end?The result is so disappointing!”
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Eight Don’t watch the excitement2
Shen Congxin’s words greatly touched Xiang Chen who was ready to do it,The black sheep is just one,But it feels like this group is not a good horse。