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When Xia Chenglong heard the sky outside,Obviously hesitated,And the black-robed man saw this scene,The corners of the mouth were slightly raised,Evoked a moment of triumphant smile。

“Want me to say you are serious,No need to take his own life for this woman,Just let her go,I will tell her,Tell her not to offend you again,You two go to the sky on each side,Isn’t it bad?”
Just for a moment,Xia Chenglong actually felt a rare hesitation in his heart。
But this time the hesitation is fleeting,The man in black who Xia Chenglong rejected:“Do not,I won’t promise you this,You die this heart,I won’t show any mercy to Zong Xueqin。”
The man stared at Xia Chenglong viciously,There was a flash of cold killing intent in the eyes suddenly:“According to what you said,That’s nothing to talk about!”
Xia Chenglong nodded heavily,Did not speak,At this time, he felt the surrounding temperature had dropped a few degrees,And the aura that was put away by the man in black,At this time it was released again。
Xia Chenglong,Still a bit unstoppable,So at this time, his face was pale and a thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead。
“Heavenly Man,To bully my soldiers from Dahua,Do you really think I have no one in Dahua??”
The voice of the real dragon of Dahua Country suddenly sounded,When the real dragon’s voice sounded,That person’s face changed suddenly,Started to look ugly。
Dahua Guozhenlong,Naturally it is impossible to be by Xia Chenglong’s side,But by his side,Suddenly, a pale blue phantom of a great Chinese dragon appeared。
Xia Chenglong naturally knew,What does this big blue phantom represent,That is a ghost clone of the real dragon。
This avatar is here,If that person dared to act rashly,In a flash,Dahuaguo true dragon can get here,The strong in the concentrating state is such a terror,The length of the world can no longer be used to measure them。
The man stared at the identity of the real dragon of Dahua,Coldly squeezed out a few words from the mouth:“you sure,Do you really want to do this?”