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The priest Haoxuan could not bear this feeling of being ignored,He shouted,Rushed to Wu Hao,Punch and smash。

Fist down,I saw a large group of golden lights on the fist of the priest Haoxuan,Those are the light energy infused with the power of faith,It is much stronger than the light energy in the body of ordinary gods warriors,More explosive,And bring a mental shock,Overwhelming,Unavoidable。
and,Haoxuan priest’s active attack,Looks impulsive,Actually he is not reckless,While throwing a fist,There is also a bright light on my body。
That is the light energy that has been blessed by the gods,In this hall,Integrate with the energy of the entire hall,Has a very high defense。
The clergy present saw the light on the body of the priest Haoxuan,Have settled in their hearts,Because they know,Even if the opponent has the best weapon in hand,I want to break through the defense of the divine power,Almost impossible,At least in this temple bathed in divine grace,Impossible。
Seeing that the golden fist of the priest Haoxuan had hit Wu Hao’s forehead,A mighty force is about to explode,But Wu Hao just frowned,As if reluctant to be disturbed,Retracted finger,Gently waved the Anger Slasher in his hand。
It’s really just a light wave,As if driving something away。
The Anger Slasher drew an elegant arc in the void,It hit the shoulder of the priest Haoxuan with extreme accuracy。
The power of the rage weapon and the magical body,Two powerful forces broke out at the same time,The resulting counter-shock force pushed the priest Haoxuan three steps back。
Everyone shines,It’s not surprising that this result。
As expected of Lord Wu Hao,Even if it’s a casual blow,Can also be delivered first,Slashed the rage swordsman on this priest’s body。
At least at the level of martial arts,Wu Hao completely wins,This Haoxuan priest and his level are not on the same level.。
One blow,The priest Haoxuan took three steps back,But Wu Hao’s feet seemed to have taken root,Stand still,Strength of both sides,Judge。
The Haoxuan priest was not ashamed just now,Devaluing the seeded players to nothing,Now Wu Hao gave him a disarm,Let everyone feel proud,Unprofitable。
Under the Glory,The robes on the shoulders of the priest Haoxuan broke a small hole,And the shoulders under the robe,A hint of red was revealed,That is the color of blood。