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It’s a pity that a few of them are now far away in the provincial capital,If something really happened to the company,There is not even a person in charge in the company。

Lin Yuner seems to have guessed what Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan think,Extend one’s hands,Then hold Lin Feng with one hand,Hold Liu Chunlan with the other hand。
Softly comforted:“father,mom,Don’t worry,Where’s Xiao Fan,Nothing will happen。”
Liu Chunlan just wanted to rebut what’s the use of Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan is like a few of them now,Also in the provincial capital?
Even if Xiao Fan can fight,But their people fight in Yunshi,Xiao Fan can fight again,What’s the use then?
But now Liu Chunlan also understands that it is not the time to say this,After all,Things to destroy one’s prestige,She still knows she can’t do it。
and so,It’s just to make my daughter feel at ease,Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan just silently nodded to Lin Yuner。
Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan,But Xiao Fan’s eyes looked towards the sky。
“Xiao Fan,What are you looking at?”Lin Yuner asked puzzledly。
Xiao Fan didn’t answer Lin Yuner’s words,Instead, he looked directly at the family of Qiao Zhenwu and Lin Yang。
Then he said lightly:“almost,Coming soon!”
Mrs. Qiao Zhenwu followed Xiao Fan’s gaze to the sky,But I didn’t see anything。
So I mocked coldly:“Yes,Is coming soon,Your Lin family will be finished soon!young people,Get out,Madness must have mad capital,If you don’t even have the mad capital,But I just want to be crazy,There is only one result waiting for you,That’s the end!”
Who knew that after Xiao Fan heard Qiao Zhenwu’s words,He just smiled contemptuously。
Qiao Zhenwu didn’t pay much attention to it either,He just treats him as the call he just called in front of Xiao Fan,A great shock to Xiao Fan。
and so,Xiao Fan was stimulated,That’s why I pretended to be here。