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It seems this afternoon in the middle of those half-open windows in the VIP building of the beach hotel,There must be a window belonging to Prince Sartu!

“Dude Sartu,Tell me the truth,After today’s toss,How powerful is the petro-dollar system that can stand in your camp?”Qiao Tianyu didn’t take Prince Sartu’s words,But to ask。
“Haha,You little slipper!”Prince Sartu pointed at Qiao Tianyu with a smirk,“Then I’ll settle the bill for you brother Joe!”
“The day before yesterday before coming to the British Virgin Islands,I have allowed Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund to free up capital as much as possible,Now the funds available on the sovereign wealth fund account are4000One hundred million U.S. dollars!”
“And after today’s grand welcome ceremony was so noisy,In addition, I will personally visit the representatives of several oil-producing countries in a while,I believe it won’t be a problem to get three or four helpers,At least can pull5000Billion-6000Billion dollar financial support!”
“4000One hundred million U.S. dollars,Plus5000Billion–6000One hundred million U.S. dollars,The best1Trillion dollars?”Qiao Tianyu shook his head like a rattle。
“Too little,Too little!Needless to say, this little money is against Britain and America,I am afraid that even if they deal with Prince Mahmoud and his son, they will be stretched.!”
Qiao Tianyu is right,According to what Qiao Tianyu knows today,1994The volume of the entire world offshore financial market in 2015 is as high as50About trillion dollars,The petro-dollar system accounts for it30%Share of。
Calculated that the volume of the petro-dollar system alone may be as high as15About trillion dollars!
Of course,Not to say that all offshore funds in the world’s offshore financial markets will participate in the war,After all, a large part of offshore U.S. dollars has been borrowed by other countries or invested in fixed projects by major factions.,Can’t be realized at will。
But even according to25%-30%Around the current ratio,This time the offshore funds that can participate in the war should be in15About trillion dollars,And the offshore funds of the pure petro-dollar system will be as high as nearly5Trillion dollars。
And here5Trillions of petrodollars,Prince Sartu’s side only occupied1Trillion dollars,A little too little!
“Hey,Yes,1Trillion dollars is a bit too little,But that is already my greatest energy!”Prince Sartu scratched his head unwillingly。
“Damn Prince Mahmoud and son!Now Saudi Aramco is in their hands,Take away the bulk of petrodollars,We can only drink northwest wind!”
“No way!This will definitely not work!”Qiao Tianyu curled his lips,“To deal with the two powerful forces in Britain and the United States,The already weak petro-dollar system must move forward and retreat together,Can’t split anymore!”
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu stood up suddenly,“How about this,Dude Sartu,I’m going to talk to Prince Harita now,Let me see what their father and son want to do?”