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“Xia He?What’s up with me?”

Zhang Chulan looked at Xia He who was twitching,Curiously asked,Is he terrible?Otherwise, why does Xia He hesitate?,He is still very relaxed with his subordinates,He does not believe in the so-called loyalty of these all-sex disciples,He only believes in Elimination。
“Head,You have been in retreat for so long,Still so young and handsome,The little girl is envious。”
After Xia He heard her head’s inquiry,Said with a smile,Facing his own head with a calm look,She really can’t speak bluntly that she seems to have grown old during this time,I want a spiritual fruit that my previous master gave to the celestial master。
therefore,Xia He can only express her intentions roundly,I hope my head can understand her intentions。
“Although my retreat is a little short,But it seems that it’s just over a month,No change is normal,Do you really hope that after the retreat is over, I will look like an old man?”
Zhang Chulan looked at Xia He curiously,Said doubtfully,He had eaten the flat peaches given by Zhang Xiaofan before,Now he can be said to be youthful forever,Does Xia He want to take advantage of him when he is weak??Is there something unspeakable about Xia He?
“The head has a long life,The little girl is very envious,The little girl wants to follow the leader forever,Also hope that the head of the house。”
Xia He looked at her own head who didn’t seem to understand her intentions,Said frustratedly,Is it true that my head is so incomprehensible?,She just wants a spiritual fruit that can stay young forever,As for making her oblivious?
“Long life is not enough,I know a strong man who has lived for hundreds of thousands of years now,That’s long life,At best, I can only say that I live longer than ordinary people。”
Zhang Chulan said calmly,Since joining the chat group,He has long lost any confidence,He only wants to advance to Tier 4,And then resurrect his loved ones,And baby Feng’s relatives,Then let him guard his relatives,So he can continue to pursue that higher landscape。
Furthermore,On long life,Who in the chat group dare to compare with the unfathomable group leader??Immortal,This is his pursuit of eternal life。