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“It seems you are right《Terminator2》His confidence is still worse than mine,”Chen Geng laughed,Looking at Cameron,He smiled suddenly:“James,Do you know where is the gap between you and me?”

Cameron said nothing,But his eyes have already expressed what he wants to say:Where is our gap?
“Our gap lies in,I can accurately see the full value of a thing,And you can only see part of it……”Speaking of which,Chen Geng suddenly changed the topic,Looking at Cameron with a smile:“James,Otherwise we also make a bet,Just bet《Terminator2》Can you get it1991Year to1994The annual North American and global box office champion?”
“How to bet?”Cameron really doesn’t reject this,He did not refuse,But pondered,Said:“You know,Although I don’t have money from you,But my money is enough for me,and so……”
“Of course I can’t take it100Ten thousand dollars to bet with you,”Chen Geng said:“How about this,If i win,We sign the contract for three more movies,how is it?”
Sign the contract for three more movies?
Cameron suddenly became alert。
Speaking of,I have been betting with Mr. Fernandez all these years,And the result of the bet is that I have not won even once,Now I have more and more gambling debts,It’s already here I need to help Mr. Fernandez to shoot10Only a movie can pay off the gambling debt。
Although Mr. Fernandez’s director fee is not low,Even box office share,But losing is always upsetting, isn’t it?
right now,Chen Geng took this to bet again,Cameron, who has been given the pit by Chen Geng,The alarm bell in my heart:Did you really underestimate《Terminator2》Box office capacity?
Cameron looking at him with a wary face,Chen Geng is a little upset:Tut……It seems to be a bit too strong。
Although a bit annoying,But this is not a big problem,Chen Geng shrugged:“how about it?Do you want to bet?”
Seeing Chen Geng look confident,Cameron became more suspicious:Isn’t Lao Tzu so good already??From1991Year to1994year,The whole world,So many excellent directors in Hollywood,No one can fight?
Can’t it?
Although Cameron is arrogant,He never had any doubts about his ability to direct,But I have to say I belong to the Hollywood director circleNO.1,He can’t say that:There is also the great director Spielberg on it。
I want to talk about my talents and regulator Spielberg,No matter how arrogant Cameron is,He can’t say such a thing,but……