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“you。”Liu Manli wants to be angry,But I can’t tell,She loves this niece in her heart,especially,After knowing which thing please。

Qin Feng was speechless to Aunt Liu,Why does this make me think so badly?,I’m a good boy who helps old people cross the road every day。
“Actually it’s not a big deal,I just want you to bring this person,Think of it as your little brother,There are so many people anyway,Nothing more than one。”
“Oh,What are you doing here?”Liu Manli looked at eight.old,Suddenly thought of something,Shudder:“Are you looking for this old man??”
“you。”Qin Feng and his inability to complain,This aunt hates him,It is estimated to be in the legend,Living a waste of air、Dead waste of land,The kind of half-dead waste of life coins。
“This person is useful to me,But it cannot be taken away by law enforcement officers,It’s under the man just now。”
“Yep,Row,We are happy to help with this small favor。”Liu Shiwen said one step ahead。
But this time,Liu Manli did not refuse。Instead, he said to a few people on the side:“You guys take his clothes off for me,Put on your clothes,Then lift it to the car。”
The younger brothers immediately followed Liu Manli’s words。
“Woo woo。”
have to say,Law enforcement officers are still very fast。
This is only a few minutes,Just come。
“What happened?”Get off,Just heard a hot sound。“why is it you again?”