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Losive Pavilion Town, Lueyang County, Shaanxi: Developing the strawberry industry to create a characteristic agricultural high -quality business card

On April of the world, it is currently the high yield of strawberries in the Guanting Town of Lueyang County, Shaanxi.

A basket of red strawberries. I wish the strawberry greenhouse from Zhang Chao, Liangma Town, Liangma Town, Lighting Town, near Lueyang County, and more than 20 sunlight greenhouse greenhouses are arranged side by side. The strawberry grains planted in it were full, exuding strong sweetness.

Zhang Chao, a strawberry grower, said: "With the help of the village work team and the village, I have developed nearly a hundred acres of fruit and vegetable picking bases. Strawberries are the main varieties I am now promoting income." Zhang Chao’s strawberry shed, strawberry, strawberry The stems are thick and full of leaves, and they are round and full. Under the sunlight, they are brilliant. Pick a strawberry into the mouth and eat it gently. The juice is sweet and the aftertaste is endless.

Even the villagers who work here have said that now they have developed the official Tingzhen and the environment is good.

Li Juan, a villager in Liangma Town Village in Guanting Town, said: "Our family lives near this, and we live in the strawberry field. We come to work. The annual income is quite impressive. After doing it, the money has also been earned. "In recent years, Lueyang County has adopted the model of" Party Branch + Cooperative + Base + Farmers "in Lueyang County to grasp the strawberry industry as the main characteristic industry to help farmers’ income. The integration of leisure agriculture and rural tourism.

Bai Xiaojun, the first secretary of the Liangma Town Village in Liangma Town, said: "Since the Lueyang County Finance Bureau has helped Liang Matai Village, the strawberries are mainly grasped as a rich people industry, focusing on technological support. At the same time, our village work team adopted an incentive method for selecting rich leaders to provide a good entrepreneurial environment for the development of the strawberry industry.

"At present, more than 50 households are planted by the Guanting Town of Lueyang County, more than 200 greenhouses, covering an area of ??150 acres, and the average households have increased to more than 20,000 yuan. The results of the results of tackling the same rural rejuvenation have laid a more solid foundation.

Cui Jin, the mayor of the official pavilion town of Lueyang County, said: "The little strawberry ‘is becoming a good industry for increasing the income and getting rich in the masses. The next step will be connected to Guanting Town to the planting, management, and sales of uniform strawberries to provide everyone with good quality prices. Lian’s fruit. ".