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Make cross -provincial medical treatment process more "smoothly"

  This year’s State Council’s government work report proposes that the direct settlement methods for cross -provincial medical treatment should be improved to achieve basically unified scope of medical insurance for medical insurance. At present, my country has built the world’s largest and covered basic medical security network. Direct settlement of hospitalization and hospitalization for medical treatment across provinces is fully pushed away. Outpatient costs are steadily piloted by cross -provincial direct settlement.

Xinhua News Agency reporters recently went to Shanxi, Jiangxi and other places to investigate, and found that there is still a blockage point in the first trial of medical insurance for medical insurance. This is also a hot topic of participating in the representatives of the National Two Associations, and many representative members made suggestions and suggestions.

  In the past, you can only return the bills to the place of insurance, and the reimbursement can not be reimbursed if there is no bottom or loss of bills. Until now, you can directly settle in different local hospitals. People can no longer need to "run legs". It has brought many benefits to the public.

Statistics show that as of the end of 2021, the number of direct settlement for hospitalizations is 10,000 to settle the number of targeted medical institutions. In 2021, the national platform was settled directly for 10,000 people, involving total medical expenses of 100 million yuan, and the medical insurance fund paid 100 million yuan. Behind these dazzling data is the huge convenience and benefits obtained by the masses. While affirming the achievements, we must also see that when the masses are medical treatment, there are still many troubles and discomforts.

Xinhua News Agency reporters visited the survey that some local masses encountered multiple blocks when they handled medical treatment and enjoy treatment.

For example, Ms. Zhang in Taiyuan City cannot get materials that need to be resident in the field because of their work. Mr. Bai in Nanchang City was required to provide a certificate of referral to the hospital when he applied for a medical treatment in a different place, but this kind of proof was very difficult to handle.

When Ms. Jiang’s medical treatment in Beijing, Ms. Jiang entrusted her father to act in her hometown of related certificates, but she could only do it because it did not meet the conditions of agency … All these made them not only made the masses particularly inconvenient, but also made their medical insurance benefits they deserved. Big discount.

  From these cases, it can be seen that although the large channels have been excavated across provinces, there are still some small blocks in small tributaries. Although the registered rules have been launched in various places, multi -headed, multi -port applications, as well as insufficient filing processes, and complicated materials for materials application, etc., have also increased the difficulty of mass affairs.

Although a hospital can settle directly, the settlement may also have "poor treatment", or the standard identification is not uniform, which leads to the reduction of medical insurance benefits of medical treatment in different places. These problems need to be resolved through detailed rules and launching more operability and ground -hailing measures.

Opening these small blocks can not only make this reform dig out more potential and achieve greater practical results, but also the people’s medical experience will also greatly improve. For private things, you need to find a similar pain point for people’s livelihood. It ’s good to go out at home. At the moment when the population flow is increasingly frequent, everyone has the needs of seeing a doctor in different places, either to seek medical treatment in other provinces and cities due to the difficulty of treating diseases, or to see a doctor in the local area due to cross -province business trips and diseases during travel. The children’s movement of changing places, etc., have just needed to seek medical treatment in different places.

Further improve the system and rules of cross -provincial medical treatment, so that the process of cross -provincial medical treatment process is more "smooth". Not only each of us is a beneficiary, but also when obtaining the cake of the people’s livelihood in a different place, we can also do not toss. Don’t worry.