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Japanese media: The yen exchange rate has created a new low depreciation in the past 20 years to increase the risk of political crisis

On April 20, it was reported that on April 19, Kyodo News April 19th, on the 19th Tokyo foreign exchange market, the yen’s exchange rate against the US dollar fell, and once depreciated to the top of 1 US dollar against 128 yen.

This is the momentum of the US dollar in the New York exchange market overnight to the yen exchange rate at 127 yen.

It is reported that the exchange rate of the yen to the US dollar has depreciated to 128, a low of about 20 years since May 2002. The Bank of Japan (central bank) Governor Kuroda Hida Kuroda recently depreciated the yen on the 18th that this is a very fast exchange rate change, but the effect of lowering check yen is limited. It is reported that based on the rise in the long -term interest rate of the United States, investors believe that the difference in interest rates in Japan and the United States will expand, and they will sell yen to purchase US dollars.

More and more opinions in the market predict that the Fed will accelerate interest rate hikes to curb recent inflation in the United States, while the Bank of Japan has not changed the attitude of continuing large -scale currency easing policies, and the direction of Japan and the United States’ currency policy is different. Some foreign exchange brokers believe that there may be a moving trend of the yen for the purpose of profit, but at this stage, there is no factors that the yen depreciation momentum is reversed. According to the "Japan Economic News" website reported on April 19, on the 18th New York foreign exchange market, the yen’s exchange rate against the US dollar fell, and once fell to $ 1 for 127 yen.

This is since May 2002, the yen exchange rate has fallen to 127 yen after 20 years.

As the Fed is expected to intensify currency in response to inflation, the yen depreciates and the US dollar appreciation momentum will intensify.