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Liaocheng High -tech Traffic Police Clean up and rectify the "Road Market".

  In order to further standardize the order of market operation, maintain road traffic safety, improve the effectiveness of traffic, eliminate hidden dangers brought by the road market, and ensure the safety, smoothness and order of road traffic in the jurisdiction.Xuying Squadron, united the city management law enforcement team and high -tech town project department of Xuying Town, discussed the relevant matters related to the road market peaceful crossing, and went to the high -tech town to clean up the road market to occupy the road market.

  During the rectification operation, the police officer persuaded the mobile vendors of the Dao Dao operation, combined with typical cases of traffic accidents that caused traffic accidents, and carefully explained to the stalls.Cooperate.The stall owners also actively cooperated with the work, actively retreating the road occupied, and truly returned to the people.

(Sun Ya) [Editor in charge: Ren Yuwei].