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Korqin District, Tongliao City: Create a "Red Station" warm heart and caring for new employment groups

"Lady, my family also applied to become a" red station ", and I will take my house in the future.

"Li Wenxia, ??the operator of Wenxia, ??Corin District, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, pasted the stickers printed with the" red station "on the glass of the store, and said with a smile to the takeaway brother who took the meal from the next fast food restaurant next door. Since last year, the Organization Department of the Corqin District Party Committee has explored the establishment of a "red station" for take -off rider, courier, online car driver and other crowds such as fast flowing speed, strong work dispersability, and difficult daily management difficulty. For important projects for the practical activities of the masses, we will strive to make the new employment group fully feel the care and care of the party organization.

With the main position of the street and community party and mass service center of Korqin District, create a "red station", equipped with umbrellas, first aid boxes, water dispensers, charging treasures, pins, books and other items to facilitate takeaway riders, courier brothers, online car rental The driver obtained "red supply".

Introducing the peaks, appointment services, and agency help offices of services such as payment, policy consulting, etc., and online training for practical technologies such as career planning and breeding to help new employment groups broaden career development paths.

Encourage mobilization of the "two new" party organizations and individual merchants with a certain idle space to build a "takeaway riders red station" with a certain amount of idle space. Effective service radius. Open the "Red Station" points banking bank, and the service objects such as takeaway riders will score the service situation of the "Red Station". Objects, try to create a good atmosphere of "I am for everyone and everyone for me". As of the end.