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Bangkok, Thailand: Thai classics in China "80" (Photos)

  Xinhua Net Bangkok July 16 (Reporter Li Mangyan Yang Yunyan) 28-year-old Zhang Yang is currently the principal of Zhongtai Tong Language Institute in Bangkok.

In 2011, Zhang Yang graduated from the Guangxi Foreign Languages ??College, and the experience of studying in Thailand during the University, which made Zhang Yang decided to develop in Thailand.

Out of the love of Thai, Zhang Yang joined the Chinese Tiantong Language Institute, just found two years, became a teacher.

  Zhang Yang’s student is mainly working in Thailand and living.

Thai is a large difference in Chinese as a unique voice and writing system.

Zhang Yang understood that due to various communication disorders brought about by language differences, he specializes in writing deep-in-depth Thai textbooks for Chinese students, and teaches Thai songs, and appreciates Thai movies and other teaching forms. Knowledge go to learn new content. Since 2011, Zhang Yang has taught more than 1,000 Chinese students.

  After years of development, Thai Tong Language College has been engaged in Thai teaching in 5 campuses in Bangkok. Since 2014, Zhang Yang and companions also opened the college WeChat public platform to introduce Thai and Thai cultural knowledge using this new media platform.

  With the increasing communication between China Thai, there are more and more Chinese people choose to work and live in Thailand.

Zhang Yang is full of confidence in the prospects of Thai training. In his previous student, some people were working in Thailand, and they wished to help more people in their own way. Thai .