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2021 Daxing Auto Culture Festival opened in the name of the business district, the consumer feast

People’s Network Beijing September 27th to accelerate the construction of important nodes in the international consumer center, expand the car consumption space, and create a new business card of Daxing Automobile Culture, 2021 Daxing Automobile Culture Festival hosted by Daxing District Business Bureau will be from September 30th October 2nd kickup, Daxing Consumer Brand List will also start together at the scene.

At the same time, major business districts in Daxing District will also revolve around the National Day "Golden Week", synchronized street basketball, costume road, Huimin market, parent-child movement, etc. Fun activities encourage the public to actively go out. Let go of the "price", the trust of the car culture, the surprise is linked. This auto show will take a three-day purchase of the car in Beijing. In the auto show, a number of 4S stores in the district will debut, exhibit Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Tiger, Beijing Auto, FAW public and other popular models, and establish a luxury auto show area, modified auto exhibition area, DJ music, etc. Full of scenes, experience, and interactive exhibitions for public participation, with the ultimate low price, car purchase discount, music and automolid cross-border gameplay, to create a new car test drive, car modification culture interaction , See a one-stop car consumption scenario in one side of the car to buy a car.

In addition, the Daxing District Business Bureau is guided, the million car coupons issued by the Consumer Alliance in Daxing District will also take the largest preferential to help the auto show, the public car purchase 4,000 yuan discount.

What is worth paying is that the scene will also launch a sign in, book a car, and buy a car. After the public successfully booked, there will be a chance to extract high oil cards, car accessories, car equipment and other rich car, enjoy the content Surprise car purchase welfare. Multi-point force to promote the holiday economic development This year, under the guidance of the Daxing District Bureau of Business Bureau, the major business districts launched all the characteristic Huimin welfare activities, fully active the holiday market, to create a lively Holiday atmosphere of red fire.

70 commercial commercials in Daxing Greenland continued to carry out group coupons, and free parking for consumers for free parking for 3 + 2 hours, the highest free parking for 5 hours; Kaide Mall, Tiangongyuan launched "Nancheng "Series activities, full of movie tickets, food, full reduction, clothing, full reduction, etc. shopping activities attract people to flow into the business district; Longhu Beijing Daxingtian Street will launch a retail consumption full amount of presence, 珑 deduction and discount and Free parking and other promotions, will join hands with Lijia Baby to carry out a happy shopping experience from October 1 to October 3 to help the public get a happy shopping experience.

Daxing Joy Spring Breeze launches early autumn pet powder, release explosive single item, low-cost discount, and consumption full amount of gold bars and other many surprise benefits.

At the same time, it brings a variety of consumption methods to attract the public visit experience. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.