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Australian Hobart Snow is the colder in Nep for 60 years

People’s Network Sydney November 15th According to the Australian Broadcasting Company, affected by late spring, in the early morning of the Australia, some areas of the Australian Tasmania have been snowy, and the snow is reduced to 200 meters.

The Australian Meteorological Bureau data shows that the temperature of Hobart, the capital city of Tadu, fell to degrees Celsius overnight, and became the most cold November night since 1953.

Senior Meteorologist, Australia, said that the cold air came from Antarctica. Cold flow transit, the snowfall in the western Tower of Tower and the central plateau area is 30 cm, and there are snowfall in the highland of Northeast.

The nighttime temperature in the north, the night is 2 degrees Celsius, and the Kreis Town, 35 km southwest is reduced to 1 degrees Celsius.

The Meteorological Bureau said that the snow will gradually melt on the 15th, and the snow line will rise up to more than 700 meters. At the same time, there will be sustained rainfall in the western part of Tower, the central and southern parts.

Talor police reminded the driver to be carefully driven by the area affected by the ice and snow. When the visibility is lowered, it should open the high beam and leave additional space before the front car.

(Intern Liang Xue) (Editor: Li Rong Yue, Xuemei).