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China released ? "People’s Police Oath" of Public Security Organs

China Network November 18 news According to the Ministry of Public Security Improve political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, and the Ministry of Public Security have revised the "People’s Police Enterprise Oath" to form the "People’s Police Oath of Public Security Organs".

"The People’s Police Oath" of the Public Security Organs is an important carrier to strengthen the political construction of the public security team and forge loyalty police.

Recently, the party committee of the Ministry of Public Security specializes in notice, requiring all levels of public security organs to closely combine party history education and public security team education rectification, and the oath as an important part of political circulation and practical training, ensuring the vow into the brain into the heart, integrate into the blood . To organize a series of topic learning and publicity, and quickly set off a boom in learning publicity oath.

To be loyal to the spirit of oath, further improve the oath system, earnestly carry out the oath activities, and guide the whole police to strengthen political loyalty, politics, resolutely fulfill the peacekeeping political security, safeguard social stability, and protect the people’s peaceful new era mission, fully show the party The leader’s socialist national people’s police officer, the good image of the public, selfless dedication, in order to build a socialist modernization country, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to create a safe and stable political social environment.

(Editor: Peng Yao).