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Counting this year’s "Double Eleven" highlights

  Figure 1: November 10 Yuan Bing photo (image China) Figure 2: On November 2, Jingdong Logistics was shipped for users in Shigatse, Tibet.

  Liu Chang photo (image China) Figure 3: November 10, Chongqing a college student received a courier for rookie drones.

  Luo Bin (image China) core reading "Double 11" has continued to grow behind, and many businesses continue to optimize service and improve consumer experience.

  As the supply side is constantly optimized, "Double 11" will help further stimulate consumption potential, and better play the role of consumption in accelerating the construction of new development. The annual "Double 11" will become a topic that people focus on. This year, the "double 11" transaction data of major platforms still maintained the momentum of growth.

"Double 11" has reached a new high. While promoting the improvement of consumption and expansion, it also revealed the huge potential of the Chinese consumer market again from a side.

  The transaction is hot, and the transaction amount has reached a high end of 23:59 on November 11th, Jingdong "Double 11" accumulated place amount exceeded 349.1 billion yuan, exceeding the same period last year.

At 20 o’clock on November 10, in the Jingdong platform, the home appliance turnover is 5 minutes to break 2 billion yuan, entertainment TV, partition washing machine, new wind air conditioner, the washing machine is more than 5 times, high-end notebook turnover increased by 260% year-on-year Infant edible oils and condiments have increased by 30 times year-on-year.

  As of 24:00 on November 11, Tmall "Double 11" total transaction volume reached 540.3 billion yuan.

In Tmall, a group of small and medium-sized brands have achieved leapfrogging growth. At 0 o’clock on November 1st, until 23:00 on November 11, there have been small and medium-sized brands that have been over 10,000 yuan last year, this year’s sales exceeded 10 million yuan.

  In the Suning Tesco platform, the consumption fusion trend in online line is remarkable. At 0:00 on 11th to 12, the experience of the shop experience was 122% year-on-year.

In the country, there are several stores including Suning Tesco Beijing Lenovo Shop and Beijing Ci Yun Temple store. The sales of 0:00 to 10 at 11th have exceed 10 million yuan, 12 hours Suning Tesco Beijing area. Sales broke through 100 million yuan. Li Zhengbo, chief expert, the Ministry of Commerce, China International E-Commerce Center, said that "Double 11" not only shows the huge potential of our consumer market, but will further boost consumption confidence.

Promotions represented by "Double 11" have become important shopping nodes recognized and accepted by consumers, helping to further activate the consumer market vitality and promote the upgrade of consumer markets. In this year’s "Double 11" promotion, agricultural products have become a highlight. The e-commerce platform exerts traffic advantages, smooth the uplogging of agricultural products, promoting farmers’ income, and helps rural residence. At Taobao Special Edition, Gansu Apple, Gansu Apple, is widely loved by consumers, and it is a grab. In Jingdong Platform, Fresh Products Overlord crabs achieved sales of 600 times year-on-year, and the total sales volume of Guizhou ruptior kiwifruit has increased by 10 times year-on-year.

  Entity retail stores also ushered in new growth in new retail of test water.

This year, "Double 11", Yintai Department Store is online WeChat applet, and the online door store jointly provides more convenient consumer service.

At the same time, the national Yintai Department Store offers counters shipping service, allowing consumers to complete shopping, from January 20th to November 10, and the express delivery increased by 44% year-on-year. Service optimization, order shopping is more calm "How can I be so fast!" Just after 20 November 10, Jingdong courier sent a box of kiwifruit to Mr. Wei, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province.

This product is the 1 millionth single since the intelligent supply chain center trial operation since Jingdong Shaanxi Wugong County. Li Zhengbo believes that after years of development, consumers have changed in "Double 11" purchase order. For example, the purchase time is growing, paying more attention to product quality, consumer mentality is more rational, more concerned with distribution experience.

These changes can release new consumer demand on the one hand, and also put forward higher requirements for the platform.

Brand business and logistics companies need to better deal with orders, increase consumer attention and brand viscosity with sustained and smooth quality services.

  This year, "Double 11", Suning Tesco logistics overall performance rate, home decoration, the implementation of the furnishings increased by 3 times, and one delivery completion rate is increased. In addition to distribution, consumers are also concerned about product return services.

This year, "Double 11", the only platform platform will cooperate with the brand to ensure the quality of the supply chain, to ensure the quality price of goods, and continue to adhere to the "full 88 SF" "7 days no reason to return" "face-to-face return", etc. Service initiatives further enhance the shopping experience.

  This year, "Double 11", "first-enjoys" consumption model is also favored by many consumers. Consumers can consume spot goods only to pay the down payment, and pay the payment within the specified time. This year, "Double 11", Lexin’s first post-pay platform combined with hundreds of brands provide services to users, cover mobile phones, computers, apparel, daily necessities, etc.

The promotion is only 2 hours, and the amount of online order is 10 times longer than usual. Continuous upgrade, the brand quality is a key to observing an important window in the Chinese consumer market, and the transaction data of "Double 11" can also see the trend of upgrading the Chinese consumption market.

  "In Tmall Platform, Texas Tang Chicken Sales is already nearly 4 times last year, the new brand ‘Lu Xiaoyi”s Orleans chicken legs, self-heating chicken and other new products are also loved by many consumers.

Cui Wei, Executive General Manager of Shandong Dezhou Tang Chicken Co., Ltd.

  This year, "Double 11", more old names begin to try to interact with consumers with new ways, and have achieved good sales scores. This year, 184 old names met with consumers in Taobao live broadcast. As of 8:00 on November 11, 220 old-fashioned brands increased by 100% year-on-year in Tmall "Double 11" sales, including gold emblems, Guihuazhuang, Baishuang Dukang and other brands of the Chinese and Western parts of the central and western parts. The amount broke through 100 million yuan.

  Health consumption is one of the hotspots of "Double 11". In the Jingdong Health Platform, "Double 11" opened for 1 minute, a sales of fish perfogency exceeded millions of yuan; 5 minutes of opening, Jingdong’s large pharmacy volume increased by 100% year-on-year; 10 minutes, Cordyceps,枸杞, gums and other products have become the fastest growth in growth.

  In the Suning Tesco platform, Middle and high-end appliances are popular among consumers. The sales of complete home appliances increased by 46% year-on-year, more in line with green low-carbon concept energy-saving and low consumption appliances (new level energy-efficient air conditioning, energy-saving refrigerator) sales increased by 39%, with healthy washing function washing machine sales growth 28 %.

  This year, "Double 11", service consumption is also a keyword, home economy, car maintenance, medical examination, home improvement and other services are concerned about consumers. Data of the Tige Turi Car Platform, "Double 11" period, tires, oil, car sales year-on-year increase, nearly 20% year-on-year, maintenance orders increased by nearly 40% year-on-year. Li Yongjian, a researcher, a research institute of Financial and Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the depth of the online line is blended, so that "Double 11" presents a new feature.

On the one hand, online platform uses new technologies such as artificial intelligence to further optimize shopping experience; on the other hand, offline shopping is also active transformation, and experience, entertainment, social, and other elements, providing more convenience for consumption. The "Double 11" of the supply side will be optimized, which will help to inspire greater consumption potential, and better play the role of consumption in accelerating the construction of new development. (Editor: Sang Liyuan, Zhao Fang) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.