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Tianjin Jinghai District accelerates ecological construction to promote green high quality development polishing green development new background color

Original title: Polishing green development new background (Figure) is the Tianjin Health Industry International Cooperation Demonstration Zone. Yuan Guangqi photo is in Jinghai, there is a project, attracting a lot of people concerned.

  It is the Tianjin Hospital of Beijing Association and Medical College, is in full swing. It is far more than this.

  In May of this year, Tianjin Municipal Government and the Chinese Academy of Medicine signed an agreement to build a core base of China Medical Science and Technology Innovation System (Tianjin Base).

  "80" Hau Sha, from Shijiazhuang, Hebei, has been working in the blood disease hospital in the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and is now the director of the hospital’s discipline. 2020 Beijing Union Medical College Tianjin Hospital officially settled in the Tianjin Health Industry International Cooperation Demonstration Area and launched the construction. Harisa told reporters that when I met, I had a deep impression on Guo Xiaochuan’s poems, now I am about to approach this land, full of expectation.

  "Beijing medical resources, Jinghai settled, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei three places.

"In Horses, you are Hebei people, entering the domestic top medical unit, and in Tianjin, the significant results of Beijing-Tianjin Jiexian Development are really in his own body. This is a person’s Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, It is a Jingjin-Hebei who belongs to Jinghai.

  Start from the region, from the regional coordinating "a game".

Beijing-Tianjin Jiexian Development Curtain, Tianjin Health Industry International Cooperation Demonstration Zone, and the sub-economic technology development zone is included in Tianjin City to undertake an important platform for non-Capital functional discovery.

  Tianjin Health Industry International Cooperation Demonstration Zone in the West Bank Mission Park Lake, Mission Park Metro West. Jinghai people say, this is our "best of the land" came out. With Tuanbowa unique cultural resources and ecological conservation, Jinghai area aimed at major health industry, to develop health, education, sports, health support four leading industries, speed up the formation of "a central three bases" research with the layout, to create an international health One-stop service "habitat."

  In Mission Park Lake, a giant ginseng sculpture erected, a national "world-class university disciplines," Chinese medicine with advanced teaching philosophy and research located here.

  Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was the first to move to the Jinghai "Chinese medicine class" universities, to fill the gaps in Jinghai development of the pharmaceutical industry, which in this health industry as the background of the "roadmap" drawn on the "eye-dotting "sum. "I must give Chinese medicine positions, no position, you can not give full play to the unique advantages of Chinese medicine." Chinese Academy of Engineering, honorary president of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, "people’s hero" state award winner Zhang Boli hearts positions, which is the Sea of ??Tranquility one. Exactly, TRADITIONAL educational philosophy and health industry base Jinghai coincides he was from the "pioneer" into a "carry standard-bearer," Chinese medicine education, industry, culture banner, flying in Jinghai, attracting more Jinghai Chinese medicine projects and seek common development.

  Zhang Boli in an interview with reporters, said: "We are willing to make its due contribution to the entire health industry in Tianjin International Cooperation Demonstration Zone.

"In April 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the establishment of the Tianjin International Health Industrial Cooperation Demonstration Zone.

In June 2002, officially inaugurated the demonstration area. In April this year, the Tianjin Municipal Government announced the approval of the overall program development demonstration area, to create a healthy industry innovation area, the first area of ??healthy living, International Cooperation Demonstration Zone, Beijing, Tianjin and promote the development of the health industry.

  This year, Jinghai Health maxed out the circle of friends. "Beijing, Tianjin and on the track" run faster and faster, Mitsuo inter-city, inter-city Jinghai Tianjin Cang hub site initially identified; Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin Institute of Physical Education, Beijing Normal University affiliated schools put into use; Chinese medicine Institute of health Sciences and the Graduate School signed the Sino-Japanese medical center project entered into a collaboration; 31 designated medical institutions in Beijing, Tianjin achieved direct settlement of remote medical treatment in hospital network; more than 800 old Beijing, Tianjin and stay Corning Tianjin international Park retirement community ; May this year, during the fifth World intelligence Conference, the Conference theme of the Forum, Japan wisdom of the medical support industry development forum held in Jinghai …… "high standard to promote international cooperation in the construction of Tianjin health industry demonstration zone, build a full life cycle of health service system, to create original health industry base in Beijing, Tianjin, China-Japan regional cooperation model, the content written into the Tianjin ‘or fifteen’ in planning.

"Deputy director of Municipal Development and Reform Commission Sunhu Jun said that in the near future, demonstration area will become a gathering resources, industry leading, innovation policy source, opening up new heights.

  Ziya other side of the river, is also stirring the waves of reform. 30 years ago, Ziya who travel extensively and found scattered opportunities to receive from the scrap metal, the scrap wire, old electrical appliances in the "Gold Rush", huh workshops discarded appliances dismantling.

At that time, "village ignition, household smoke," the scene everywhere.

People did not expect that it will be the starting point of Jinghai circular economy. Good Yi who seek potential, once the "killer environment", a step by step to find the green transformation "Dharma." The implementation of "Circle Area Management", eliminating the backward productive forces, the introduction of strategic emerging industries, the automobile industry to build a recycling economy, the layout of the whole industrial chain …… scattered small workshop to a national circular economy park, long endless river witnessed the Jinghai Ziya change. "This is the national eco-industrial demonstration parks, national circular economy pilot standardization ……" Ziya Economic and Technological Development Zone is responsible comrades showed to reporters more than a dozen "GuoZiHao" were the first, "circular economy dominated by state-level development area, Ziya Park is the ‘only one’. " Here, silver Long "gallop."

Dong Mingzhu of Gree Electric chairman and president of "repairer dream" Ziya Park is a true step by step, into reality. "Low construction and operation costs, industry prospects, potential large park, business caring and efficient service." 2017, Dong Mingzhu after multiple visits in the country, eventually saw great potential ecological effects and green Jinghai area.

In this way, Jinghai become "Silver Lung new energy vehicles," the "station of origin." Acres of land planning, R & D and production of lithium batteries, electric vehicles, energy storage systems, motor control and charging facilities …… hard to imagine that this new energy sector, "Big Mac", from site selection to a settled Jinghai phase put into operation, in just eight months.

Tianjin silver Long, general manager of New Energy Office Director Yang Chengwu sigh, long silver car new energy "clang clang car" ran out "Jinghai acceleration."

  "At present, the national car ownership has reached one hundred million, at the end ‘or fifteen’, new energy vehicles will reach 500 million or more.

At present, Tianjin 7 car dismantling companies are Ziya park, we have a long silver, AIU two car manufacturing brand, which provides an excellent opportunity for us. "Ziya Economic Development Zone is responsible comrades admitted that the current layout of the park is the automobile industry recycling economy, from car dismantling fine, battery manufacturing, remanufacturing of parts to vehicle manufacturers, to build the whole industry chain of the automotive sector.

  In the first half, Jinghai strategic emerging industries supporting role initially apparent, above-scale strategic and emerging industry output value billion yuan, an increase of 46%, including new energy vehicles, energy saving growth%% respectively.

Jinghai in the green of this change in modern industry, to create a more surprises, polish the development of new green background.

(Reporter Song Kun Li Yao Guang Yuan Qi photo) (Editor: Li Dan, Wang Hao) share to allow more people to see.