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Shandong: Efficient implementation of international conventions in advance to eliminate hexabrominated cycloalkane (HBCD)

People’s Network Jinan November 11th (逄 Xinshan) On the 11th, the Shandong Provincial Ecological Environment held a press conference, a member of the party group, and a deputy director of the deputy director said that the HBCD production line was removed 3 months in advance, 2 months in advance Stop using the raw material containing HBCD, before the end of November, the raw materials, products and waste containing HBCD are all cleared. The move is a solemn commitment to the world to honor the image of the world, and won the initiative. In 2021, it was a 20th anniversary of the international community to reach and signed my country’s accession to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants; November 11th, the convention is the 17th anniversary of my country’s official entry into force. As the first signing country, my country has adopted a strong action to protect human health and the environment from persistent organic pollutants (POPS) hazards. Since the 1990s, building foam insulation materials were mainly used as a brominated flame retardant. However, research shows that HBCD has not only reproductive toxicity, but also has a long-distance environmental migration, which will constitute a potential long-term hazard on humans and environments, and the elimination of HBCD is imperative. In 2016, my country was introduced, "The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants" has been added to the six-bromoate decadecane amendments, which determines the production, use and import and export of HBCD from December 25, 2021. . At present, my country is the only parties in the Convention 173 effective HBCD amendments to produce countries with HBCD, which has attracted high concern about the international community. The guan said that Shandong is HBCD production and processing using large provinces, all of the national tons of HBCD production capacity, there are 8 production enterprises, 110 companies that use HBCD production of beads and HBCDs to produce insulation boards, national most.

In the face of severe situation, the Ecological Environment Department of Shandong Province strengthens the top floor design and department linkage, requiring the city to produce HBCD production, use enterprises to conduct comprehensive investigations, implement list management, find out the base of HBCD production and use; on this basis, combine Real, implement a link system and the public commitment system to ensure the completion of the elimination task on schedule, and continuously strengthen the daily environmental supervision and scheduling notification, timely solve the difficulties in the promotion, plugging problems. Personnel, as of now, Shandong HBCD phase-out achievements have remained: the production line is all demolished. By the end of October this year, the HBCD production lines of 8 companies were completely demolished, and the manufacturer stopped selling HBCD and saving zero inventory, and blocked from the source. Use the company to stop using and sell. Since May this year, HBCD using companies in Shandong Province adopts an order-style production model and the use is gradually reduced.

Up to now, 110 companies in Shandong Province have basically stopped using HBCD-containing raw materials and selling HBCD products.

Actively strive for funds to support enterprises.

In April this year, Shandong Province successfully applied for the "Global Environment Facility – Improved Foam Industry Environmental Performance: China HBCD Elimination and Management Project", September project officially launched. As a project demonstration province, Shandong will carry out technical demonstration activities in industries such as flame retardant, building materials to promote the elimination of HBCDs in the field of production and use, and strengthen the capacity of persistent organic pollutants, including HBCD. At the same time, the ecological environmental departments at all levels actively guide enterprises to apply for HBCD discontinuation, transumated demonstration enterprises, as of now, a total of three HBCD production companies have successfully applied for discontinued demonstration companies, and 2 production enterprises successfully applied for transformation demonstration enterprises, will receive a total About 1.95 million US dollars support support.

"The province shut down the HBCD production line for 3 months in advance, stop using the HBCD raw material 2 months, which is a solemn commitment to the world to reveal the image of the big country, and won the initiative.

"Said the statement.

Next, the Shandong Ecological Environment Department will continue to strengthen on-site supervision and guidance, ensure that the raw materials, products and waste containing HBCD will be cleared, consolidate the results of compliance results in November, to prevent default risk; enhance environmental supervision of HBCD waste, organize The ecological environmental departments of each city will conduct investigations in the HBCD enterprises, and urge the investigation of the inventory, raw materials, products, and supervise companies in violation of hazardous waste; carry out joint law enforcement, severely investigate and deal with illegal production, use HBCD behavior.

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