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Small village of "Windmill" roll-out "Fortune," "green" double harvest

Autumn, into Yang District Tianjin Coastal Park Town, a seat saw "windmill" stands like a wind turbine beside the green rice fields, light breeze blowing fan is rotated slowly, a configuration in the blue sky against the background web magnificent ecological picture. "Windmill" tower diameter 5 m, 100 m high tower, the top three blades, each blade is 60 meters long, the tower mounted escalators, like wind power installation, comprising itself a complete wind power generation function.

Under the "double C" goals, new energy industry usher in an unprecedented development opportunity, to join the complementary use of integrated energy is the main trend of future energy development, and PV as one of the most promising green energy, is an important part of .

How to make a big article in a small photovoltaic panel, to achieve "double carbon" target by photovoltaic power, Yang Park Town hand over a copy of your answer sheet. Yang Park in the town, from a height overlooking around, everywhere we look, neat rows of dark blue photovoltaic panels shining in the sunshine, eye-catching, under which a party party shrimp ponds, which is located in Yang home park fishing town of photovoltaic hybrid photovoltaic power generation projects.

A dual-use, the power generation, the next shrimp can maximize the utilization of land, built on the shrimp ponds, both less farmland, to retain the original nature of land use, but also to provide a comfortable growth of aquaculture surroundings.

Summer shade under water, underwater cooling, photovoltaic panels maintained at 28-30 ℃, automatic hiding under the photovoltaic panels shrimp summer.

Yang Park Town and the modern fish farming PV combine to create a new win-win model underwater aquatic farming and power generation. Tong Wei Yang Park Town Fishing is one of the base set of new energy, new fisheries, new countryside as one of the three new fishing light integrated industrial base, at present, all photovoltaic grid-enter commercial operation, the cumulative generating capacity million degrees, minus about ten thousand tons of carbon dioxide exhaust.

You can also save a lot of fresh water resources, to achieve the "double carbon" target Xian force. (Li Dan) (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.