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Repair "People’s Card" to do a good "People’s Care"

This newspaper is in November 10th, Wang Zhao, the villagers of Liyang Tang, Shili Village, Shili Town, Huixian County, walked on the hard pavement, happily: "The Huangmei Road of the former potholes turned into a flat cement road, life The more it is, the better. "Yuyang Tang is located in the remote mountainous area, narrowed narrow bend, has a 350-meter yellow mud road, and the masses are inconvenient. The town party committee, government combines the learning education of party history, in-depth development of "I have a practical thing for the people", and the party members and cadres carry out work, after understanding the people’s appeal, immediately organize professional on-site investigation, multi-party funds, solve the people travel Difficult problem. The masses of Yangmei Town also felt the benefits of "I am doing practical things for the masses" practice activities. The town organization police station, the judiciary and other departments jointly launched the "Production Safety Inspection + Public Security Tour", which has been investigated and safely produced, and the hidden dangers found in the inspection have been investigated.

Since the study of the education and education of the party history, Rongxian is focused on "rush to expect", in-depth promotion "I have a practical thing for the masses", organize party members and cadres to repair the "People’s Card", do a good job, "People’s heart", successively solved the masses There are 960 problems such as traffic travel, government service, contradiction disputes. (Zhao Shengcong Linyiyuan).