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Service gives power to implement tax and fee policies

In order to promote the direct delivery of various tax and fees, the Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau is precisely implemented, and the fine service is interested, fully releases the tax policy dividends, and helps enterprises high-quality development, quasi-delivery.

Precision docking the taxpayers need, take the initiative to collect taxpayers block points, difficult problems, produce high-frequency problems in the form of a figures, do wide collection, severe screening, precipitation, and through WeChat public platform , Tax-owned service groups and other methods are widely pushed. On the basis of extensive publicity and counseling, the Active Joint University of Science and Technology will organize special training for high-tech enterprises. The Finance Bureau of the Company will hold a tax association processing training for enterprises. The United Chamber of Commerce will organize preferential policies for small micro enterprises. Improve the targeted, practicality of policy counseling.

Deep counseling.

Combined with party history education, the bureau deepened into the enterprise on-site solution issuance, providing tax-related counseling, providing high-quality and efficient personal tax payment services for taxpayers. At the same time, the bureau will effectively integrate tax volunteers activities and the promotion of tax-related professional institutions, and integrate the use of third-party resources to provide personalized services.

By inviting tax volunteer lecturers in the tax division, the demand and reality of the taxpayer pay the fees will be introduced to the company’s "grounding gas" policy guidance and more "on the appetite", so that the taxpayer Pay more "quenching".

Often remind.

The depth digging of tax gains, accurately screening eligible taxpayers paying, actively promoting counseling, real-time tracking monitoring, ensuring the precision of tax bonus. Especially for the implementation of tax payment policies, vigorously carry out daily monitoring and dynamic analysis of taxpayers declared data, and will declare the basic situation, financial statements and other information, and filter out and not comprehensive. Insufficient doubts, and make a comparative annual verification, the unhappy company will carry out a one-to-one reminder service and policy counseling, and timely handle the declaration and tax payment, so that the policy is more accurate to ensure tax payment Policies are fully released.

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