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Studies have shown that the sun is dragging the earth through the universe tunnel

On November 14, according to the US "News Week" website reported on October 19, new studies have shown that Earth, sun and solar systems may be crossing a highly magnetized tunnel in too space.

According to the report, if this theory is correct, then it may explain why two rope structures currently not sorted in the Galaxy in the sky will appear in the sky.

According to reports, northpolarspur and sector (FANREGION) are the brightest two emitting electrical gases in the night sky. Northern Silver is also called the most spectacular coherence structure in a soft X-ray sky by the NASA. Dr. Jennifer West, University of Trendo, Canada, said Dr. Jennifer Wester said to Wesi News website reporter: Long-term, astronomers have been puzzled about these structures.

If our eyes can see radio light, they will fill most of the sky. Wester is one of the authors of premium published in the US "Magic Physics". This paper proposes a simple model that can not only explain the northern silver pole branches and sectors, but also to explain the filamentous ring composed of radio-wave dust. The report pointed out that for the size of the northern silver, people estimate that the length is not equal to hundreds to thousands of light years, because the astronomers are still difficult to judge how far this structure is from the earth.

However, it is still one of the largest structures in the Milky Way.