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Ten years of sleep,Ten years travel,Ten years reunited。

What kind of mood does this need?,What is hard,What kind of talent。
Summer can’t use the language of the heart in the heart。
some,Just a huge shock of unparalleled。
Xia Jiu is clearly not wanting to mention these more than a summer.,Sighed,Embarrassment,“Ten years of travel,I shaped the same waste,I don’t dare to see your dad at all.,I don’t dare to let him know what I am still alive.,I am afraid that he is looking for me.,if that’s the case,I will not only become his cumbersome,Instead, you will get you in danger.,At that time,Has been awakened for two years,And have been in the process of being treated by your master,I don’t even contact the Jun.,At that time, I……Almost desperate。”
“I dare not contact any one I am familiar with.,All message sources,It is notified by Lomé,I know your dad has always been secretly preparing to revenge.,Ok, there is you,He has been inheriting。”
“After three years,You finally lived,And already five years old。”
Xia Jiuwei looks deeply in the summer,Lightning lightning crystal,“I ask Luomei secretly put your photo.。”
Merely,She has a thick big envelope from the pocket,Take a photo from the inside。
The photo is a four year old、Tiger’s child,Face blooms with livestock honesty smile,A pair of eyes black and white,Clean and clear。
“This is what she takes your first photo.,After seeing,I decided to continue to indulge in this way.,Since God makes me live,How can I give up all this?!”
Summer eyes are not red。
He reached out and picked up a big envelope,The inside is thick,All photos。
Take out a few,It is his look.。
And it is a photo of each age group。
“a few years later,I reopeized the new Wuya,that time,I have some ideas.,I want to contact your dad。But I later gave up.,At that time,I can help me.,Will only become a cumbersome。”
“Since then,I dare not waste even a second time,Used in cultivation,Even so,Still too slow,Whole ten years,I am promoted to the cave,It’s only a year to success again.。”
If this sentence is heard by others,Creating a big bag,Huanhan, hunger。
But this sentence said from Xia Jiujing.,It is so reasonable。
Because she is Xia Jiuwei!
People and people are in ideology,Equal,But some people’s talent,I really don’t make sense.。
And not to say that Xia Jiuwei has passed the experience。
This world,There are several people,Drop the abyss from the cloud,Can climb out from the abyss,Restart in the cloud?
This is not the achievement in some areas,Not some celebrities’ reputation is contaminated and falling。
But the biggest difficulty。
Re-opening a horse,It is no longer called another reunion,Instead, create a new page of ancient Wu’s new situation.。
If you let those ancient martial arts know,Creating a sensation。
“Ten years of cultivation,I have been in the Shanchi Jian Mountain in the mountains.,凡,Renewed,Originally, I want to see your father.。”
Merely,Ji Bao bottle is deeply spit out,“But after the capital of Beijing,Didn’t find him,Later I only know,He has been traveling in the world these years.,Side against the light,On one side of the savings,Accumulate,Let those people become your caregiver。”
Summer low down,Mental complex。
“Since your father is not in Beijing,So I decided to secretly contact Jihuai bottle,But I didn’t expect it.,I missed someone in monitoring her.,So,I canceled the plan again.,Also observed in the dark。”
Summer looks up,“Lingtian?”
“Right。”Xia Jiu Jing nod,“I want to kill the treasure bottle in Lingtian,I think it has also found opportunities,So always secretly,Just when I shot in Lingtian,I also shot.。”
Xia Jiu Fantasy,“Although I saved the Ji Bao Bottle,However, after the Ling Tianxia, I found it.,I am still not his opponent.。”
“finally,I didn’t recognize the Ji Bao bottle.,Instead, she asked her to make a series of changes.,Former, I can walk the world in the future.。”
“Originally, I also intend to contact the Jun.,But that time and Ling Tianxia,Have to change your mind,and,Jun, is the owner of the Guardian Alliance.,It is his personal reputation to reach the peak of the vertices.,His one fell,There are countless eyes look。”
“later,I went to a long way to live.,Found Gan,And let him sur grew,Inform him,If you have come to the Changsheng Road for a day,He must help you,Otherwise I will kill him,I also promised him,As long as you have completely walked through the long life,He can enter the WTO,But to be your grinding stone。”