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If you have no money, you have no money.,Liao Wenjie is not to take advantage of,Let go, let’s go。

I first heard Cao Dahua’s name,Liao Wenjie did not think too much,Seeing, I don’t think it is wrong.。
so similar!
Long phase is still good,Three points can be said to be coincidental,Ten gods served in Cao Dahua,Nine written a name,One as a standby,Almost can be said to be a clear identity of Cao Dahua。
Liao Wenjie does not die,Asking who is the relatives on the monk,Cao Dada,Three words have brought the past。
Hereed,His heart is determined,If it is not bad,He crossed the world of the movie to escaping the Weilong。
Cao Dada is one of the main dramatic characters.,Dad,The identity is the undercover of the police。
This discovery makes Liao Wenjie,Movie is based on reality,But two concepts,Two different worlds。
Histories in his brain,His prophet,In the world of escaping, Veyron,Not applicable。
Future is confused again,Liao Wenjie swayed the neck,Pick up the newspaper on your hand,Pretend to watch, deep breathing。
Not pressed well,Amazing。
Today’s headlines,Gamble god high into the neon master,Three games two winning gambling,Direct two more than zero。
Liao Wenjie came back and watched three times,Confirm that you have no eyes,Sitting on the sofa, doubting life。
He is too complicated through the world
the next day,Liao Wenjie found himself is really young,This world is complex,More serious than he imagined。
Yesterday II date,Today, suddenly become eight,He thought that the newspaper of Cao Dahua was wrong.,As a result, Cao Dada said yesterday, No. 8 today.,no problem。
Liao Wenjie felt that Cao Dawa slept and slept,Cao Dada also thinks so,The former took out yesterday’s newspaper,The headline is still high,But the date is indeed like Cao Dada。
Cao Dada did not sleep stupid,Liao Wenjie did not,Wrong is this world。
After a few days,Liao Wenjie read newspaper every day,Date is not changed every day,It’s just five different times.。
This worse,Nothing。
Liao Wenjie thought it was,Regular changes to the date,Only he spotted,Others don’t think there is any abnormality。
When everyone is sick,Only you have health,Don’t want to think,That must be sick.。
Fortunately jumps to jump,People’s memory does not have a beating or clear,Otherwise light is a backup,You can toss Liao Wenjie half dead。
He is awkward,Look, before planning life,I have a long time to adapt to this world.。
that’s it,Liao Wenjie lives in Cao Dada’s home is one month,The door is not a big door,It’s not reading newspaper is watching TV news.,I have to listen to a broadcast before going to sleep.。
Chapter two Do not be small and not,Don’t be evil
“Ager,Recommend newspaper?”
“Gossip or time?”
“What is a fun news today??”