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She is blue,Who is not tight in this life?,Some exotime,Fate。

She also thought about her her own parents.,If they really have,Then I will meet it.。
Lin Demon was awkward,Just watching Blue Xin quietly。
Gu Xihong,Sigh a sigh。
He eased his emotions,Looking at Blue Xin asked:“Blue,do you still remember me?”
Blue Xin, this is only to see Gu Xihong.,She smiles slightly:“uncle,I remember that。”
I remember,Let Gu Xi throat,His tone is trembled:“Blue,Remember,Remember。Uncle has always owed you a copy,I always want to ask you to eat meals. Thank you.。But after today’s things,Uncle this love,It seems that it is big.。”Gu Xihong’s voice,Love than any time。
Even Gu Yi Lin has some unbelievable,Dad can never use such a loving tone and he says。
His attitude towards Blue Xin,Always careful。
Gu Yi Lin looked at Blue Xin,Is there a person who is going to find a person is Blue Xin?。
He asked:“dad,You don’t go to work during this time.,Is the person who opened the car? Is it a blue director??”
Gu Xihong,I am a little smile.。
Blue Xin,Doubtful look at Gu Xihong。
Gu Xihong saw her doubtful eyes,Explanation quickly:“Yes,I last slim down at the restaurant last time.,It’s blue and helped me.。I felt that this child is very kind.,I want to find her.,Really this。”
Blue Xin relieved,She is slightly lower,Not talking。
Lin Dami and Gu Yi Lin know,Gu Xihong is natural to find Blue Xin naturally not because of this。
Lin Dynasty’s eyes glanced at Blue Xin,How can she be
But then the damn Gu Ai’an,What did she think??I have to marry.,Another uneasiness。
Can’t marry Lu Haozheng,Marry Lu Haokai,It is also her own choice.,What else is not willing now??
Lu Hao’s eyes have always gaze the reaction of Lin Demon,Let the disappointment is,Gu Boyi still feels impossible。
but,Gu Bobo is not the same,He is now suspected of blue and blue。
otherwise,He won’t always look for blue blue。
He said:“Lu Bo,You go back first.。”
Gu Xihong looked at Blue Xin,Some dismisive,But he also knows that this is the ward,Then he is coming tomorrow.。
“good!”He nodded,I also read Kiki on the bed.,He is slightly eyebrow,This child,It’s very similar to the blue blue.。
Lin Dami looked at him,The tone is not resistant,“Let it go!”
Gu Xihong is slowly recovering,Go outside。
Gu Yi Lin also greeted everyone.,Leaving。
Lu Haocheng looked at Mu Zizheng three people。
Mu Ziyou nodded,Say:“Blue,We also gone first.,You have a good rest.。”
Blue Xin laughs:“thank you all。”
Ou Jingzhen also evoked the lips of Yinhong,Laugh:“Look,Blue Director I can’t drink my coffee for some time.。”
Blue Xinyi,Laugh:“Europe’s secretary’s coffee is very good,Drink no bitterness。”She is not very like bitter,And the Oujing’s coffee is really good。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Some taste,His coffee is also very good,How can she don’t like to drink??
NS471chapter:Tell them, I am very good.

NS471chapter:Tell them, I am very good.