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Wen people, a pair of eyes, ribs,A pair of very serious appearance。

Luo Thousands lazy care,But looking to the summer,“You used to traverse?”
This sentence,Everyone surrounded by lazy and scattered people have erected ears。
The captain Xue Chunqiu is no longer traces.,Wusai。
“I go……You two are over.,Don’t forget what is it here?。”
Wudai pushed Xue Chunqiu,Summer laughing,“summer,You come with me……”“Mourth,I want to eat alone?
Don’t blame us, don’t talk about it.。”
Xue Chunqiu and Luo Qian Xue stand in the same display。
They are very clear,Summer showing the strength,Inevitably not。
Uttrans obviously wants to explore the secret。
“alright,You ask,I also want to know。”
There are no two people quarrel.。
Although the three battalions are affiliated to the three temples,It can be actually similar to the family.。
“You are called summer.,good。”
Xue Chunqiu’s face shows a gentle smile,Repeat,“Have you used a similar special train?。”
Summer stunned。
Watching three people looking forward to enthusiasm,He picked up the clue in an instant.。
Nothing wants to know why he is so strong in this state!In fact, this is nothing to hide.,But he is from the outside world,Can’t say this。
But I want to deal with the three people.,it’s actually really easy。
Since you are sinking,He nodded,“right,I also have similar special training.。”
Wuzi three people are bright。
“Does your traded are also locked in the real yuan??
Is there any other secret??”
Summer nice head,Also shake your head,“Not only locking the real yuan,And you will lock my mind!”
NS3518chapter expect
Bamboo!Fall into the voice,Scene suddenly hysterescent!Xue Chunqiu、Row、Wuzi three people stunned。
Thousands of people have more than ten women repaired.。
Surrounded by lazy scattering,In fact, I always pay attention to the martial arts in this side.。
No one speaks。
The expression on each face is not the same!Lock!Four words,As if there is boundless magic,Let all people in the scene。
For people in this world,Repeated this thing,Naturally。
Just like the breathing blink,Is a person’s instinct。