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“Hahaha, I will know that I said this.,Your kid will not agree,However, in addition to you, there is really no suitable person to choose to help me.,I am in the key.,Do you want to help your grandfather?,And the contract also said clearly,I came back two years later.,Will take these flowers to herbs back,Don’t have any heart stress in your heart。”

Just in Jiang Yuwan’s voice,But I rang the knocking sound。
“master,The boss lets us help you clean up,You look at”See Li Hui Feng present,The two people in the door are no longer more.。
“All right,All right,let’s go,There is nothing to take away here.。”
Say this,Jiang Yu went straight to take Li Hui’s shoulder,Laugh:“This home will be handed over.。”
Li Hui Hui just said to speak,Jiang Yuwan is just smiling and shakes his head to let him say anything.。
Looking at Jiang Yu went to the car,Li Hui’s heart is also a little flourishing,Why didn’t he expect it to get this big benefit?,What is even more unexpected is that those Xianquan can make these people can extend ten years of life.。
Jiang Yu went,Li Hui, Looking at the flower grass grass in the yard,Suddenly think of the tea tree,After all, the contact between the tea tree seems to know Jiang Yu.,And he still knows。
Just when he was ready to give Jiang Yuwan,But I suddenly received a file from Jiang Yuwan.。
Directly download the mobile phone,This look at Li speaks from the wind to know how far it is wrong.。
The flower grass in this yard actually reached more than 10 billion values.,There are also many names of the contact.,Most of the contact information such as the organizer of the flower fair,Among them, Liu Xiang’s contact information。
The file information has not been finished.,Jiang Yuan gave him a call.。
“breeze,The tea tree, I have already told old Liu.,If you contact him directly, he is good.。”
“Chiang Uncle Jiang,You help me let me know how to thank you.。”
Jiang Yu Wan smiled:“You want to thank you,When you teach a grandfather, some health is good.。”
“All right,breeze,Don’t talk to you,Uncle is still something else。”
After saying Jiang Yuan, I sent the phone directly.。
Li Hui Feng did not expect Jiang Yuwan to hang it so fast.,But he hasn’t hit it again.,Instead, it began to familiar with the garden.,Discriminate according to the file information,In particular, those surveillance in the yard also make him feel very powerful.,If it is not his hand file description,He is afraid that there is half the camera can’t find it.。
After checking,I found that all flowers in the yard are very good.,He takes out a drop of fairy and toned and toned.,Then I watered some,Stay directly to go back。
After all, there are still many people who want him to be busy.。
Among them, Xu Ru’s things have not been solved.,After all, the enemy is in the dark,What kind of person who does not know the other party?。
However, he feels that Xu Ru’s things should not be related to the previous one.。
Just he can’t find the other party.,But he feels that the other party should not give up so easy.。
When I returned to the village,The road in the village has been repaired a long piece.,According to this speed,Li Hui’s feeling feels that it should be fully repaired for a week.。
Su Qing is also the issue of supervising the road in Lianhua Village,Because Li speaks from the wind to the “Things of the Tourism,Let him feel very well-developed,So he has added 500,000 investments,Specially built some kinds of leisure fields。
What is to build a harmonious new countryside,Since the Since the Lotus Village to experience the air of the countryside,Rural rustic。
At night,Li Hui Feng has only cultivated in the depths of the orchard alone.。
Things to practice he has never given up,He didn’t know what to cultivate to the end.,But once he does not practice,He always feels that the dark gas in the body seems to have a possible possible possible.。
Just when he cultivated to late night,But I suddenly heard a wolf。
That is a big voice,And the sound seems to be discounted.。
Li Hui’s feelings seem to have any bad things to have something to happen.,Directly get up towards Qin Su Ya and Xu Ruzhen。
I haven’t waited for him to enter,I saw a few black people who were slowly moving with the mask.。
Everyone is holding a dagger,The dagger exudes Sensen chills under the illumination of the light.。
“What are you doing??”
Five or six people with masks with masks,Li Hui’s heart is also a panic,Because this time he walks from the opponent’s walk,There is also the top of the mouth under the mouth of the mask to see that these fewers have a hundred times more than any one before.。
Especially the killing in the eyes,It is not ordinary people who can have。