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“that time,I see the disaster caused by collapse,Many families have only one child in difficult to survive,For those who suffer from those suffering。”

“I want those who have a wandering child.,Can sit in the winter night, happiness, happiness, eating,Place full of laughter。”
“So you become a female Wushen?”Bronia asked。
Cocoa:“Because I realize,Only your ability,Is unable to take care of those children,Later I found that Saint Feria Schools established in Selia is very similar to my philosophy.,I came here.。”
“the more important thing is, Only the female Wu of the San Fu Raoya School,Can give those children something。”
“hope,Free。”Cocaurian said this sentence,Look at the window。
Teaching downstairs,Some students are laughing,Inside the training site,There are students to become stronger,Fighting in hard work。
“Bronia。”Canocia slows down your voice speed as much as possible,“I heard that you came to here.,There is a very unpleasant memory。”
“But the past has passed,You need to face the future。”
“Here is the Santa Feria School,You don’t have to look at anyone’s eyes,Don’t listen to anyone’s order。”
“it’s here,You can explore this school,You can do what you want to do.,Think of your future。”
“it’s here,you are free。”
Look at the Cocolorian,Balonia language,I don’t know what to say.。
This is exactly what she imagined.,Not for http://www.oppjo.cnthem,And do things that harm them。
“Cocaurian,Are you busy?”
Kiis came in from the school door.,See Canovian in communication with Bronia,I asked。
“nothing,Do you have anything??”
“Oh,Is such that。”Ji:“Recently, I received some tasks.,Let the children take hands。”
“Bronia character is quite quiet,I will let her go with us.。”
Cocoa nodded,“This is very good,This task,How many people do we act together??”
“Four。”Ji:“You and I am two,There is also the student you recruited before.。”
“Is this four people??”Cocoa。
“Ugh。”Ji sigh,“Recent high-grade students,There are also teachers to perform tasks.,but……”
Ji smile,Boniya,“I have a good strength here.,Executive topic,Right,Bronia?”
“As long as you need my help,Bronia has confident assisted everyone to complete the task。”
Chapter 464 Hi Jier
“here……”Han Jiang is sitting in front of a table,I have a few more pictures on the table.,“It’s really not a good place.!”
Han Jiang took a map from Otto using his identity.,Green representation security on the map,Red is dangerous,No one can come back,Is black。
The scope of the map is not small,Eight villages from the mountain,Always extend to the beach。