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“look at you,How can I cry and fall?!Will not still be in the monsters, don’t let you follow your grandfather.!”

“No!Anyway, there is also a chance to follow it.!”
Zhou’s face is still,Finally, I still put it down.。
The big master mentioned the cage,A pair is going out。
“Got it.!Do you want to rest again?,If you don’t want, you will go to the grandmother with your big mother.!”
“alright, alright,Let’s go!”
Niu Niu jumped from the stool,Don’t hesitate,I only frowned when I landed.。
The thinner expression change is seen in the eyes,
“Niu Niu,Demonstrate?”
“It’s alright,Let’s go!”
Big Mother’s hand in his hand,Niu Niuyou went to the other side pulled up her hand,
“Okay!Can go!”
Take care of Niu Niu,The big master is more like slowly and leisurely.,It does not match the temperament of her wind and fire.。
“You can come.,No longer come,I have to send you.!”
Niu Niu found it,The mood of the village is always so warm.,I feel very happy when people look.。
“Fortunately, I will come in time.,Otherwise it’s hard to worry about it.,I really don’t want to go in my heart.。The last time I also trouble, you specialize in tell us。”
“This is awkward!Come over and see the chicks you want.,Everything is active!”
Lin Grandma leads two people walking towards the house,I still heard the house in the door.,Noisy。
Look at this situation,I am afraid that it will be too clean in the days.。
The little sadness in my heart,Immediately feel happy。Will call will be good,Health and health。
If you have a disease, I really don’t know what to do.,This era can bentin、The basic drugs of anti-inflammatory tablets are not。
“Come,have a look!I have a good look.!”
Lin Grandma opened the cover above the cage,The chickens of the plush, appeared in front of you。
Yellowish,black,Two colors are mixed in a group,You move,I move it.,Ambulance
“Niu Niu likes not?”
Lin Grandma touched the head of Niu Niu。
“luv’t,Is this giving me home??”
Niu Niu followed the place that I touched Lin Grandma。How do you like to touch your own brain?!Fortunately, I often wash my head.,Otherwise, it is touched by a handful of oil.!
“Yup,Others have taken away,Worse your home.!”
Lin Mai low his head to answer the problem of Niu Niu,Then lift the head to talk to the big mother,
“Osmanthus fragrans,How do you see how these?!Tight you first pick,What do you think?,You look at the sample?”
People spend money, please come to hatch chicks.,I must have a good job in my heart.,healthy。
So Lin’s grandmother does not force to ask others to have or how,Just picked up their wishes。Those who pick the left will raise it.,Careful to raise it, where is it going?。
So everyone is comfortable.,Both are a village,Don’t stay in your heart is the most important thing.。