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The perspective of the screen is the first perspective of Hanjiang,Can only see a pile of legs around,There is also a stool from above.,And iron sticks。

Fuhua looked at the screen,Some worry,But still shake the head。
“If it is just this extent,He can only be old to be a student of Santa Feria.。”
Fuhua is willing to bring Han Jiang out andwraithLearning about information about intelligence,Not just because Hanjiang is getting clearer,Shenzhou people。
Like Hanjiang,It’s not just one from Shenzhou.。
Since Hanjiang enters the natural database,I have seen the record of the ancient China,There is an idea in Fuhua heart.。
Shenzhou University is wide,She is now impaired,Memory is constantly being forgotten。
And Otto’s cooperation is not very different from tiger skin,Y Hua saw the hope in Hanjiang’s body,I saw a person who could take her with her.,A person who can restrict Otto。
“Obviously, some fears why not help,You won’t really train him into a murder that doesn’t blink.?”wraithBlink。
Fuhua raised his hand to touch the frame on the head,Hesitated for two seconds:“We are close to some,Ready to support at any time。”
WraithPlay a ringing,“Your Shenzhou is not a saying that you can’t help the child.,How can you bear??”
Fuhua white,“You have more nonsense。”
Two people check out the café,wraithSuddenly become a Korean,A hand-held army arm,Poor:“Those people fight hard,How can you bear your face??”
Fu Hua snorted,Open upwraithHanjiang,Rapid to reverse entropy base。
According to Hanjiang in the store, the circumference of everyone,Han Jiang hesitated a piece of calves a shot of a person。
Bag,Plus Han Jiang from the simple move of the Junhua,These ordinary people essentially hide the gun law of Hanjiang。
Hanjiang gun playing in the enemy leg,Just in the enemy’s hands to make up two shots。
Decisive to the Hanjiang decisive shot,In handp45Bullets,Go to the enemy。
Han Rong reached out one of the arms,An elbow,In an instant to pick up your hands in the other party,Will it in the footsteps of the person。
“Bother,This little brother’s skill is still quaint,Obviously you can shoot,Why is it more。”On the roadwraithSeeing that the screen starts to shake,One person constantly,But there is still a signs of life,Some regrets。
“He can leave an enemy life is not a bad thing.,Anyway, are you do you have a dry person??”
When Hawang andwraithWhen I arrived in the periphery of the inverse entropy base,According to the secrets left in the store, there is also combat capabilities.。
Sniper carefully targeting Hanjiang,I don’t shoot before I am afraid to hurt myself.,Not the same now。
When Hanjiang shots, when you shoot the small head, the right leg,Sniper dark road opportunity came。
Next, his eyes wide,The pupil begins to shrink,He saw that Dongpu Tai knife flew to him.。
“Be awkward!”
Zhenzhou Village is a knife to cut the sniper gun into two halves,Sniper location exposure,Han Jiang won the pistol of small head。Turned, I made a few shots.。
A total of twenty-three people,Everyone’s injured location is about the same location,One leg plus two arms。
Han Jiang observed a circle that did not find hide,TowardswraithA message,“Cleavage”Can come over。
After doing these,Han Rong went out of the stronghold,Starting in the city in the city,He wants to pull out or get rid of people who may follow themselves.。
“The small brother’s investigation means is still a bit tender,There are three people who have not come out.。”
Fuhua andwraithChanged the location of the second floor restaurant,wraithStart Review Hanjiang’s Ability。
“This time,Everyone who knows the esteemine entropy knows what kind of Han Jiang is long.,It is difficult to operate in the future.!”
“look,look,It should be someone else,Chasing the old brother to chase the past?。”wraithNow become a natural cute little girl,The sound is with a sweet sugar taste。
Y Huaya looks outside the window,There are several streets outside, there are people wearing black suit.。
“At this time, do you not continue to pull out a few strongholds of reverse entropy??”Fuhua asked。
WraithHand with hands,Take the head of the head,Holding a french fries in hand,“You do not understand,No need to rush to kill,Be careful that the other party dances the wall,I really urge each other.,We have to live for a while.。”