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绫 清 竹 is hailed as a petite woman,Broad through the whole world to pass through,It has also used it for nearly five hundred years.。

Among them, there are countless closure and truth, and several levels of seniors.,Spare no effort。
Time consuming for five hundred years,She has a achievement today.。
However, this speed,Whether placed outside,Still in the pole,It’s very fast.。
I don’t know how many people envy and jealous。
Wang Temple is also similar to that of 绫 清 竹,Six hundred years of breakthrough,Have achieved。
At this moment, the palace master actually said,Feeling the Tongyu level from the summer……
Does this mean,Once summer, once it reaches a completely successful peak,Can easily break through?
Congenital blood,Don’t really be so back??
Both people look at each other,Can’t help but laugh,Everything in the eyes of each other is sour and jealous。
“Of course,My eyes are not wrong。”
The old man smiles,Like the treasure, I usually look at the summer.,Praise,“Small summer,Will there be any problem in practice,I can ask me at any time.。”
Summer once again。
“Hahaha,Good,Today is a big days.,Come,You come with me.。”
Old man turned,Town to the bamboo house,“I deliberately made a few small dishes.,I also specially took out the wine for many years.,Today, we must celebrate a little.。”
“Ha ha,Then I have orally.。”I wish the palace master immediately laugh.,“I also put your light today.。”
Everyone immediately laughed。
Four people followed the small courtyard,Elegant bamboo house in the central government。
Push the door,Summer。
Go outside,The bamboo house is not big。
I can find it.,The space of the bamboo house is very spacious.,Even if the five or six people will not crowded。
We will be surrounded by summer,See the top of the head and the wall flavings on the wall,Have a heart。
This should be a very deep array,And the effect of mustard。
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A few wooden table wood chairs in the bamboo house,Four wall hangs a letter of writing,It seems that the atmosphere is simple。
In addition to the cuisine, a cuisine that has already been placed in advance,Still with four people next to,Two men and two women。
After seeing them,Wang Temple and Yanqing bamboo are surprised。
“Rime、Sandtro,How come you come。”
Two men laughed,Just talk,A feminine woman next to a feminine。
“Wang Dynasty,Dictionary is our four people,You only call two people’s name,I don’t think about us.。”
“Ha ha。”
When the male repair of Luo Rong and Satri, the expression of fun is coming.。
Wang Temple,“cough,this,I did not mean it,you know,I have no other meaning。”
Everyone smiled again。
Sloppy body,Red light,It’s like an ordinary old man’s palace master Yuan Yi,Smile and greet everyone。