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Summer silence。
Subsequently asked,“Are you?,How come Campbia?”
First2124Chapter This time, I must kill you.
Although the words of the single east。
But the summer still speculates some information.。
This seems to be a small thing。
This example,It is very common in life。
Even for a sized thing for a sesame size.。
This is not exaggerated。
Single East and Jinmei’s restaurant was blended with harassment,Then the League will come out。
Conflicts with each other。
Then the contradiction between the two sides is getting bigger and bigger,At the end, I will not be resolved.。
Surface look,This is the passage of things.。
Summer has smelled a lot of differences。
Most obvious。
It is a single east to Cambia alone.。
Not doubting him,But this thing itself is awkward。
“Mr. Jin let me come。I finally saw Mr. Jin and Miss Jin.,The two of them were injured.。”
Talk about the matter,Evil in the eyes of the East,“Our restaurant has already opened it.,And I have been avoiding all over the golden girl.,What we are in the angel of angelism?,But the little confusing below has been looking for us.,All,In their opinion,The fundamental of this matter,It is what we have caused。”
“Mr. Jin tells me when I left.,Today’s situation,Only find the brother to solve。”
Single east,Evergade in the eyes,“So I came to Campbia,Go directly to Dar Mountain.,I think people there should be able to contact you.,But I didn’t expect to be a brother.,Ask for you,Save the golden girl,When I came, I’m here.,Jinmei has been caught by them.”
Summer,Follow,The original slightly pale cheek emerges iron blue color,The rich murder is like a flame in the light.。
See this scene,Anyone else doesn’t think。
But the A Dahe and Agou next to them are opposite each other.。
They all see a part of each other’s eyes。
Subsequent,The two people rushed next to the moon next to the sun.,Hurry and collect your eyes。
Golden girl。
Single East girlfriend。
A spicy and cool,And the girl who is very big。
In the year of Campia,She is the same as the single east,Special chef。
But in the summer, I recognized Jinmei as a brother and sister.。
After that, take care of her.。
Even many times,A Dahe II saw that the summer is often standing far away.,Looking at Jinmei’s body。
The two have always thought that they like Jinmei in the summer.。
Just don’t do what kind of girlfriend。