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Wang Yufei walked out of the reception room calmly,Say hello to the external security guards of Black Rabbit Security。Then give John·Martinis went to call。

“Hey,Professor John,There is a Love·Do you recognize Mr. Dracula?”
John, who is busy in the laboratory supervising the wiring layout of the quantum computer base just started·Martinis didn’t even think about it,I answered casually:“Love?do not know!I am busy,Any thing else?”
I can’t blame John,After all, he and Love·Dracula is not really familiar。
If on another occasion, he might recognize the secretary general of the Academy of Sciences Foundation,But how can a busy scientist have time to carefully recall a strange name??
After getting the answer,Wang Yufei is not entangled either,Said immediately:“Row,Then you are busy,Don’t bother you。”
Hung up。
Then Wang Yufei called Huaqing again。
This call is even simpler,He just asked if Huaqing was helping Luofu·When Dracula made an appointment,Have you verified the identity of the so-called Secretary General of the World Quantum Technology Alliance?。
Blame Love·Dracula makes a mistake。
When he contacted Huaqing, he used the new identity he just gained,This newly formed alliance has not yet reached a high profile,At least there is no report online,Naturally, Huaqing didn’t seriously verify it。
If he uses the identity of the Secretary General of the National Academy of Sciences Foundation,There is a high probability that this will not happen。
So Wang Yufei’s answer was very simple,Huaqing has not been verified。
Things seem to be a bit troublesome。
So Wang Yufei called Wu Guoqiang,Please ask this gentleman to check this love·Dracula’s true identity。
This kind of thing,Lao Wu should be more professional。