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This is Chen Xiu’s accident,Relying on the reaction of this hand,At this time, Chen Dayuan is already far ahead of Chen Dayuan in the trial formation,Saw the tip of the gun turned upside down,But the speed is already a lot slower,Chen Xiu followed a mysterious and mysterious feeling with one hand,Grabbed the tip of the gun tightly,After jumping。
“Chen Xiu,what are you doing!”
“Didn’t you make up with your second uncle,Why suddenly attack?”
Ge Hong and Liu Dunyue are both puzzled。
“Dogskin Uncle,Chen Dayuan and I are not related at all!”
Chen Xiu is holding the Jiuhuan sword in his hand,Yao pointed at Chen Dayuan and shouted:“You are not Chen Dayuan,who are you?”
Ge Hong and Liu Dunyue are both surprised,They are extremely smart people,I was blinded by the inheritance of the Qingyunzong elders that Chen Dayuan said before.,Chen Xiu reminded,Immediately, it was discovered that Chen Dayuan’s cultivation base had soared after receiving the inheritance,But his temperament has changed drastically。
Human nature,The greater the power will only become the more violent,But it won’t make people peaceful,Just like you make a dick suddenly rich,He will only intensify to bully people who bullied him before,So I won’t say anything, and in turn support the relatives who were cold-hearted towards him。up to date
Ge Hong and Liu Dunyue also drew their swords together,Stand side by side with Chen Xiu,Shouted sharply:“Who are you!”