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“Who is there??

Be a public。”
Pensive to understand Li Fah,But he doesn’t want to be so easy to give Li Hui。
What’s more, this cave is also a baby.,Although there is no need to pay attention,But now some people pay attention,He has to play the greatest value。
“Uncle,Then I want to buy this kiln hole.,How much can you feel??”
This time Li Hui is directly asked directly.。
Because he also discovered that it seems to have intended to hide him with him.。
“breeze,I am not good if I value the value of this cave.,But I am not ready to sell。”
Do not sell?
Do you want to rent out??”
Li Hui Feng does not want to rent,He directly wants to pay attention to。
“Not rent。”
I heard this,Li Hui is stunned.。
Never sell or rent,Li speaks from the wind, I can’t think about what I want to do.。
“Uncle,What do you mean by this??
Just have to discuss it.?”
“Hey-hey,breeze,You tell me about this wine cellar.?”
This kind of thing,Li Anti-style is not necessary to hide。
Pensive I heard this,It is also laughing and continuing.:“Is that just a wine cellar??
You still have to expand a winery?”
One heard this,Li Hui Feng understood。
“Uncle,You want me to build a winery in Shenjia Village.!”
“Forehead,This is still watching the wind, you,I can’t force you not to force you.!”
For this,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“Build a winery is not,But then the problem of this wine cellar”Li Hui’s deliberate pull,I want to wait a contemplative statement。
“Free,How long does it take?。”
As long as Li Hui Feng develops Shenjia Village,Don’t say a wine cellar free,It is the land for free, you can do it.。
After all, the villages of Li Hui Feng developed these two years,However, the speed of the naked eye is rich.。
Originally Shenjia Village is also a big village,Wealthy village,In the past, Lianhua Village’s girlfriend is a trustee to go to the door.。
Come now,Shenjiacun’s girlfriend began to run towards Lotus Village,This makes him the village head in the heart.。
“Hey-hey,Unfortunately, I don’t dare to use,Let’s buy it.,How can I buy it directly??
More than 10,000 yuan a year,Buy directly for a hundred years。”