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The sea of vitality suddenly set off a huge wind and waves,The huge golden beam of light skyrocketed instantly,Little Golden Man was shocked,Jumped up and down,The first time I saw Li Tianzhen suddenly furious,Smacking,A thick pillar of vitality rises into the air like a dragon,Straight into the stars,There was an earth-shaking blast when it hit the sky。

Li Tianzhen retreated several feet,Suddenly stepped down,Suddenly shake the mountain,The valley is instantly covered with criss-cross cracks,The cracked cliff on the left collapsed,There are boulders rolling down from time to time on both sides of the mountain,Undead army,Countless rocks were shaken into powder,Countless remnants annihilated in an instant。
Thick smoke fills the valley,Take a long time to disperse,The corners of the valley have been piled up,Li Tianchou walked up along the random pile of rubble,The undead army that could cause intensive phobia in the front is gone,Replaced by a winding mountain road paved with black gravel,Extends to the end of the horizon。
The magic power gathered by a large number of undead in the army is basically disintegrated,The oppression of the closed space has faded a lot,Li Tianzhen walks fast on gravel,Such a big movement,The strange and mysterious life here is still silent,I don’t know where to hide,But he was sure,The opponent is strong,Not afraid to fight him,But because of being bound by some more terrifying force,Stay away,Or maybe go busy doing other tricks。
“He got angry after seeing him?You idiot,What kind of private goods are you hiding??Tell me?”Xiaojin asked quietly‘Big earthworm’,I’m not afraid of being heard by Li Tianzhi,Even aware,he、It doesn’t matter。
‘Big earthworm’Already shrunk into a ball,Turn a deaf ear to what Xiao Jin said。
“I don’t have so much scruples,If you really don’t say,I’ll call out Qi Ling,Make you better than death!”The little golden man’s vicious intimidation。
“You guy,Why is it so hateful?”‘Big earthworm’Tremble all over,Compared to the owner here,The vicious weapon spirit’s methods to torture its prey are even more terrifying,Under weigh,It naturally knows how to choose。
“Nonsense?Hurry up and tell me what you know?”
“I really don’t know what,Only a little,The old man feels like the owner here is an old acquaintance。”
“What old acquaintance?Who is the last name??”
“Great Demon,Burn the sky。”
“what?!”The little golden man pretended to be surprised,Actually the mind is not turned on,It doesn’t know who Burning Heaven is,Just feel quite familiar,This way,It’s still like squeezing whether the other party still hides other private goods。
“Lead it……How can it bring such a huge army of undead?”
“What do you mean?What are you talking about? Burning the sky has been to ghosts?”
“I just guessed,My devil has always been at odds with ghosts,This time confused me too。”
“Nothing else to say?”
“Really gone。”