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If there is a bucket,He is watching the masses tonight.,Shout666Salted fish,If there is a demon ghost,He is owned by him.。

Light curtain,Flame up,Car stopped on the road to fire into a torch,Hot fire waves twisted air,Substrate。
A row of tolled guns fired guns,Obviously,Nothing at all,Pack of bullets,I can always splash a spark。
Special Tactics for Super Natural Disaster Countermeasures, Affiliated to Defense。
Formulated by neon defense province,Per capita self-defense team elite,Equipped with the investigator and special forces engraved with the mantra,Used to deal with increasingly rampant evil spirits、monster,And the practice forces that don’t rest。
to be honest,It is the official set of people,Maintain economic sustainable development,By the way, balance the folk forces。
original,Very pleasant cooperation,The official recruits a number of people who have a lot of folk forces,Both sides take the required。
But recently,Folk forces become active,And neon demon ghosts do not increase,Let the official can’t help but have a suspicion,I am thinking about whether this group of guys caught ghosts.,Then kill the ghost,The loss is heavy and the amount of money and money money is heavy.。
Because there is no evidence,Super Natural Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters Special Tactics Forces Shun,Effect of significant effect,Military management,Strict obedience to the command,It’s much better than the people of the folks.。
However, they have encountered a little difficulties tonight.,Vicious spirit,Be evaluated ascLevel of human malignancy is amazing,Source continues to rush from the sewer,It seems that there is no number of days.。
“Here is the first lesson!”
“Repeat,Here is the first lesson,Request tactical guidance!”
Communication blind sound,The team commander is angry,The eyes are exhausted,The commander soldiers have steadily retired。
Lack of logistics,Fire support,Pull down the face to help encounter tactical blind sound,This also makes a fart。
What ages have been,Is it good?,Is the sailor in the street?,Which jade is broken?!
Soldiers heard the words,Dark and sir, tonight, is all,Tight momentum is diarrhea,Retreating order。
Although it is elite,But in front of life and death,People who run a hundred steps are absolutely more than those who run 50 steps.。
at this time,A black shadow drove from the junction,Long knife in hand,Cold and running continuous,Sweeping the limb broken in the way。
Surface,Corpse,The evil spirits are like cut wheat.,A stub,Even if there is no killing,Due to the phagocytic ability comes with the demon knife,Decomposition to fly ash。
Speed is too fast,Soldiers can only see the hierarchical high-speed movement,And the waist long hair。
“I am in love.,The lady is so handsome over there.!”
“Hey,Are you ignorant?,That is clear, a little handsome guy.。”
“It’s you,And what is the little sister??”
“What is the little handsome guy??”
the other side,Liao Wenjie, I don’t know how tired sword,I am bored.。