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Gao Bo Yi has arrived at the Tiger and the West is coming.,After the arrogant body,Hear“professional”(That is,Also known as“History history”)After the report,Gao Bi finally confirmed。
High performance is!
at this point,High Yanzong that is also captured can also testify。
He went to the toilet,When I came back, I saw that the high appearance crane on the gap.,When you get it, there is an angry.,But in the end, I didn’t save it.。
It should be dead“vigorous”Qingshang Mountain Kings,Actually,Actually died so embarrassment,I can’t help but feel。
seriously,Gao Bo Yi did not plan to kill high performance,Because there is still a lot of use in it.!Perhaps it is not stupid,Once you have a trick of Gao Baoyi,So Ning is not a full,This is。
It’s really a strong!
“Stop,If you die, you will die.。”
Gao Bao is sighing,Surrounded by these things too lazy,But it is a little bit of good time.,These are the end of the millennium.。Winning Yu Wen,Eliminate the high and high pour,Everything is already dust。
As for others,No spray。
“Leader,Zheng Yu Zu see。”
Yang Su whispered in Gao Biyi ear。
Gao Biyi is thinking about a stone house in Tiger.,I didn’t expect Yang Su to go straight.。
“Sympathetic ancestors?”
Isn’t this Zheng Minmin??
Gao Bao is slightly strange,Because this is reasonable, you should work with his son Zheng Yuande in Yucheng.!Why do you go to the tiger??
Yanyang is away from the Tiger,Zheng’s knowing that he is now in the tiger.。But Zheng Yu Zu personally,It is some incredible。
This can only be said,High performance, let Gao Baoyi in the tiger,It is exactly the expectation of Zheng Yu Zu,Even if there is no such thing,Zheng Yu Zu will also go to Wancheng to find Gao Biyi!
“Let him come in.,You go to the door,Keep your door,No one can not come in。”
Gao Bao Yi said。
Yang Sue carested,Going directly to the door,Take a short while,Zheng said that the ancestors came in,Gently bring the door。
“What is Mr. Zheng come to the Tiger??I remember that you should be in Yucheng.。”
Gao Biyi face doubts,Open the door to see the mountain,Do not cover up。
“Old man is forgiving。”
Zheng said that the ancestors said。
“High Run?”
This name listened to a little familiar,Gao Bo Yi recalled,He is,Is this the son of Zheng Tai’s car with Gao Huan??
“Then?How is it??”
Gao Biyi feels inexplicable。
“Gao Run was praised,Said that it is a chaos that collike Changshan。”
Give high ten courage,He doesn’t dare to make a high performance.!Fish praised this,The level is too late.,Or call it too ugly,Directors feel disgusting。
“Are you coming to high Run??I have known this matter.,Go back,I will properly handle this matter.。”
Gao Baoyi is unable to swim。
First,Then it is high,This is in the hair,He really didn’t want to drive these people.,There is really no need to do so ugly!Human heart,Not craned by the butcher knife。
At least you can’t completely rely on the knife。
“Also,Laoima is not this。”